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Scotty Kilmer is off to Tennessee

  2. Feel bad for the good people on Tennessee. Unlike the people that enjoy the pain of watching the videos this guy puts out they have no idea what kind of idiot is heading their way.
  3. What an absolute complete assclown. Frickin hand talker...related to Trump?
  4. No, Trudeau genetics.
  5. Mmm....gotta disagree there....jury is still out on Trudeau "genetics" tho....
    Sorry but the hand waving reminds me of Trump and his "accordion" lol
  6. I don’t think Scotty is to bad. His videos make me laugh most the time and he has some knowledge.
  7. In high school, we'd call guys like him a DORK or a SPAZ.
    Heck, I still do.
  8. Awfully fn sensitive people lol, but it's all good. Just funny as fuck.
  9. YES....IT....IS!!! LOL
  10. Don't care for his goofy channel, but I can most certainly understand why he's moving out of shithole Houston.

    I am leaving here October 23rd and never looking back at this miserable dump known as Houston!
  11. Been to Huston, ONCE! Not for me.

    Luv Scotty's channel, he is so unafraid to be himself and I appreciate his skill and his willingness to share his experience. :)
  12. Tie the mans hands behind his back, he would`nt be able to speak.
    I watch him once in a blue... when he has a topic I might find interesting, but ALWAYS, skip the goofy introduction. lol
  13. What an idiot! Have no use for this asshat.
  14. Here's hoping he moves his operation into a storage unit in Murfreesboro next to some guy with a bunch of old mopars.