Silver paint with red interior


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Nov 15, 2007
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East Peoria,IL
As some of you may know I bought a 67 Formula S Barracuda.It was originally Silver with black interior.It came with all new Legendary Red metallic interior.The seat covers,door panels,carpet,and headliner.I just need the dash pad and sunvisors.My question is does anyone have any pics of a 67-69 Barracuda Silver with the Metallic red interior?
I think the car would also look good black with the metallic red interior.But I don't know black is so hard to kkep clean.



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It's not a Barracuda but this 67 Dart would be exactly the same color combo.I really like the red interior and it really pops with the silver exterior,I vote for silver on red.


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I know the guy that built that 67 dart, And it was a Absolutely stunning car in person. Got a chance to see it before he sold it. Matt
Silver with red interior is STUNNING!


I agree.

Might consider a red center stripe?

I like the red 68 and 69 side stripes on silver Barracudas.



A couple of years ago I parted out a 68 Formula S car, silver, red interior. I sat in it before tearing it apart and thought "This was once a beautiful car, what a great color combo" Red guts has my vote.
I had silver with white interior. It looked good but I think there is something good about silver and red.


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Thanks for the pictures. My wife doesn't like the color of my Duster but I wanted to keep the Boca Raton interior. I was planning on silver and seeing these pictures let me know how good it is going to look.