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    I got this single snorkel hood scoop on Amazon. I waited too long between the time that I bought it to return it, so I really bought it. lol!

    It fits any car really, but for an A Body some modification to match the rise in the hood is required. The bottom fits a flat surface, my 70 Duster has a rise in the hood and it would require more work that I am familiar doing to match it.

    Please look at the Amazon URL I bought it on, the pictures, and I will try to get some personalized pictures of it soon. My camera is not linked to this computer, so I have to see if I can do that. But I'm asking $130.00+ Shipping. It was $185.10 for me. I got a dual snorkel from Classic Industries to replace this with for me.

    Snorkel Drag Car Fiberglass Hood Air Scoop, 1-Piece, 28 x 17 x 6


    Nice new Scoop, if you will notice it has material from where it was molded that needs to be sanded. Shouldn't be too much work with a nice sander, but just wanted to make you aware of it.

    San Antonio Tx





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