[FOR TRADE] Small Block Lakewood Scattershield trade 4 early v8 4spd parts

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  1. Cudabnu

    Cudabnu 64 Valiant vert, 318/727

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    Mar 4, 2019
    Moorpark, CA
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    12:30 AM
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    I have a lakewood scattershield bellhousing (I do not have the blockplate) that I got with my 4 speed, but will not be able to use it in converting my 64 Valiant to a 4 speed, Will trade for the parts I will need for the conversion:
    273 V8 10" Bellhousing
    273 10" Flywheel
    Body side: bolt on pivot
    Z bar
    Tunnel Hump
    modified tranny mount (for dual exhaust)
    Pedal assembly

    I'm willing to take care of shipping both ways, or just sell the scattershield for $360 plus shipping
    20191102_104000_resized.jpg 20191102_104006_resized.jpg 20191102_104020_resized.jpg 20191102_104026_resized.jpg 20191102_104131_resized.jpg
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