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some pics

  1. just some pics of my scamp. still collecting parts for a 100% resto.




  2. Looks like you have your work cut out for you. What are your plans for it.
  3. Lets get her on the road. :blob:
    This looks to be a good prodject!!
    Is this a factory 340 car?
    Get us updated on your next move, Maybe we can help. :thumbup:
  4. It's seen one or two Canadian winters and I've seen a lot worse up here. What color is that? Has the passengers side quarter already been replaced already? Keep the pics coming!

    Memike: Scamps never came with a 340; only a 6 or 318 from the factory for its production run.
  5. true h22a4. its a 71 isnt it and that looks like a fresh quater to me too
  6. You guys are just eyeballing that quarter panel thinking to yourselves "Oh, I want to CUT that quarter off for MY car!!" right?
  7. Memike: Scamps never came with a 340; only a 6 or 318 from the factory for its production run.
    Thanks H22A4! I am never to old to learn something just old enough
    to forget. :toothy7:
  8. my quaters are good my car was born in canada but it lived its life right here in tennessee so my quaters are in real good shape
  9. is it a 71 or did someone change the 1/4 on that side?
  10. those are both 71 quarters. 1/4's. the only NOS 1/4's i could find at the time. and as far as the engine is concerned, it was a 318, however it was swapped to a 340 (72 date coded) in late 1972 @ midway chrysler where the car was purchased on a warranty job. documented so thats how i'm doing the resto. I will post more pics as i go along in the resto. thanks.
  11. Welcome to the board from another Scamp owner.:headbang:

    What are your plans for it,just a stock restoraiton?
  12. Welcome aboard !
  13. Since everyone is commenting on the different year stuff on '72 340 Scamp's Scamp I have a question. I just bought a '72 Scamp and it has 4 tail lights not two like '72 340's. I also bought a '70 Dart & '71 Dart 4drs from the same guy. The '70 Dart is 100% original and has the same taillights as '72 340's Scamp and the '71 Dart has the tail lights like my Scamp with the four. Which is the correct taillights for the '72 Scamp? I realized that his car is Canadian and can have different versions for different countrys. I know Mopar, GM and Ford had these differances. What would be correct for the US? I actually like the style '72 340 has on his car.

    Sorry for the highjack.

    '72 340 that color looks like the "corporate" blue that people call "Petty" blue. Do you know the paint code?

  14. My 71 has the same tail lights as his 72.

  15. My 72 has the same as yours,i also have a 72 parts car that has the same one's.
  16. It seems then that someone has changed the bumper on my car, cool because like I said before I like the style of your guys' and wanted to change it but hate when someone mentions at a show or cruise that something is not correct. So now I can be correct and have the bumper I want... how did that happen?

    I forgot this earlier, Welcome 72 340 Scamp!