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Stop in for a cup of coffee

  1. Just setting around waking up with a cup of coffee and checking out FABO. You early risers doing the same?
  2. Yep. 3 cup, so far.
  3. Good morning. I'm ready for #3 myself.
  4. No coffe here but I'm munchin on a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch and I may fix me a cup of hot chocolate.
  5. I just woke up in my bunk in Limon Colorado.looked outside and there's white stuff.Guess I'll get up and head to Dallas and go home till next year!
  6. been up since 5:45( WHY????????)..... still working on my fiorst cup, waiting for sunrise... high today 34, drizzle, snow to north... yes, I will suck down several more cups!! LOL
    it was raisin bran for me ( all the friggin raisins went to bottom of box!?? LOL
  7. Cinnamon toast crunch sounds good.
  8. I see that on the map. Yuck!
  9. mornin:
    3rd mug here also
  10. http://www.limon-safari-inn.com/
    I spent the night in Limon. March 2003. Cross country quick drive in the 73 Dart.
    Atlanta to Seattle in three days. Or was it 4? Stopped just long enough to sleep. Arrived in the dark and left in the dark. Attractive lady on the front desk. Seems like she was Polish and had a beagle. Funny thing. Couldn't see the town from the interstate. Coming out of Kansas didn't realize I had been going up hill and was at that elevation. High plains and chapped lips gave me the clue. Then I saw he sign.
    This morning's schedule?
    Call the lawyers. Go grocery shopping. This afternoon I go to work.
    No coffee yet.
  11. XS2 ....except I don't get the box ...I get the bag cereal ...so I have the cinnamon toasters. I love the bagged cereal made Malt-o-meal brand :D and of course swiss miss hot chocolate is a requisite on cold mornings
  12. am I still considered an early riser if I am up early to do some work around the house but I am still going to go back to sleep for a few hours. :cheers: #-o
  13. Morning all. No coffee here. I get my caffeine from iced tea. Usually up by 6am. Feeling a little under the weather this morning . I felt a head and chest cold coming on yesterday. How bout that. Caught a cold on my Birthday. Thanks Lord.
  14. Good morning my fellow java junkies. c\_/
    Did anyone believe the "now with more cinnamon" hype ?
    When I got to what I call pay dirt in the bottom of the bag in the box my suspicion was confirmed.
    Less sugar. :(
  15. Good morning!!!!!!
  16. Happy Birthday Mitch! Hope you get feeling better. tmm
  17. Morning T
  18. Cinnamon Toast I presume. LOL
  19. :coffee2: Good morning Mike, been up for a couple hours and about to enjoy my 4th cup with a bowl of hot oat meal with about 6 fresh strawberries in it.... Cheers :coffee2:
  20. I'm enjoying my morning bathroom visit. I had Taco Bell breakfast this morning so no need for coffee. I did walk into the shop this morning to find cat poop all over the floor because someone couldn't allow a cat to spend a night out in the 20's!
  21. Been up since my usual time, 6:00, to help get Nella on the bus! What the heck were they thinking sending kids to school that early!!! Then off to the post office to mail a member his parts, a stop at a job to replace the main shutoff, done and at the phone store to shop for the fam!! Its 10:30am, 4th cup already!!! Mmmm, cold coffee!!!

    Mornin all!!! Geof
  22. Got up at 4:30am all coffeed up. Getting ready to take my grandson to school then going over to have breakfeast with my Mom and Dad.
  23. I'm not a coffee drinker, but I will have a cup of hot chocolate with you....
  24. I have to be in the mood for coffee and it's amazing but normally food does better at waking me up!
  25. I see this started at 7:22. I was on the road to work and just now got a chance for a quick break. So I try to check in. I have no idea how many cups of coffee I have had by this point. And Rani....no fair going back to bed!
  26. :coffee2:
    Usually have my first cup at my desk at work around 6AM
  27. First cup and two PB&Js as I sit here. 11:30 is a little later than most, swing shift blues.
  28. I was wondering how I missed this thread this morning and then saw that you posted it at 6:22?!? Early risers? I'd been up almost a hour and half by then! Got to get up at five every morning and now my body won't let me sleep past then. I sometimes wake up and turn on the local news that starts at 4:30 Oh yeah, coffee is a must!
  29. Well its a new day and I woke up at 530 this morning. Got my coffee and watching the news. Good Morning FABO, Happy Friday!!
  30. :coffee2:5:00 AM on west coast. TGIF all! Really glad the weekend is upon us. Coffee is fresh and great day ahead. Construction pre-con on tap for me this morning. Then back to the grind of an ordinary Friday.
  31. Cheers DesertRat :coffee2: a positive post this morning to start this TGIF out :cheers:
    Good morning everyone :cheers:
  32. Good morning. Wife took her last paid day off today to finish her holiday shopping.
    This means my/our coffee pot empties twice as fast.
    Here's wishing everyone a great day. Be safe out there.
  33. Good morning everyone! Coffee is hot and it's raining out. Think I'll just stay in the house and keep warm.
  34. Arby's breakfast and the daily trip up to Home Depot for this chilly Friday morning.

    I'm no longer on call and it's payday so I'm happier then a pig in slop!
  35. Morning all, been up for three hours and on my third cup but just getting to checking in on FABO.

    Everybody have a great day, headed off to work.
  36. It's afternoon now, but I got up at 8am!! It's great being retired. Did some laundry and then went out for breakfast and coffee. Now I have to find the new front bearing retainer for my 833 and get over to my buddys house to start the rebuild. I know I put it in a place I wouldn't forget??
  37. Good morning Mike, Third and last cup for me today, now ready to putz in shop
  38. Good morning, almost finished with my coffee too. Lots to do today, my sister is driving up from Miami, so we can head to GA tomorrow to see our Dad. He doesn't need any more stuff, so for his Christmas present I'm making his favorite hot dog chili and Grandma's fruit salad, and cookies.
  39. I went to sleep around 4 and got up at about noon . No need for coffee here just a shower and a little lunch and I'm ready to rock!
  40. yup .....on Saturday who cares about getting up early. Breakfast and coffee still works even if it is lunch time :)
  41. Good morning everyone :glasses7: Been up for a couple hours now, todays temps will be 54 degrees and no rain here on the hill today, I moved Victoria out of the shop to make room to work on my fourtraxs Honda fourwheeler, a rewire day and spend time with family :coffee2:
    Everyone have a good day :color:
  42. "GOOOD MOOORRRNING FABO".....Yep, I'm up now since 5:30, Havin my coffee and Bailey's, :coffee2: ...Pam is checkin her Facebook,... the new Rescue kitty is checkin out the house, ...Got a kitchen table full of stuff so as to build our Xmas baskets today...Gotta go see Mom and Dad in a bit...and it's snowing...
  43. Get her done Mike. I am drinking a cup of rasberry tea. I came down with the flu the day before yesterday. (body aches, chills, 101 fever, sore throat) I am setting here with a long sleeve t shirt, a sweat shirt, and the hood up on my heavy sweatshirt. I just can't get warm. We are supposed to have Christmas here for supper but I think I will reschedule. No sense in getting the whole family sick. You all enjoy your day. tmm
  44. almost six thirty in Colorado .......off to a beautiful morning.

    I am running late today.....I work for the newspaper here and sunday papers are sooooo fat ....they cause problems and make a delay every week. :protest:
  45. Six cups so far and 3-4 downs to go!
  46. Ulf, Have another and keep up the great work on your Dartcharger. Mike, I have a huge brush pile to burn if you can't warm up. Memike, Have a good day on the hill. Jaimus, Fire up that truck and head over to Rani's to get those papers delivered in short order LOL
  47. Good Morning everyone! Beautiful 11* Sunday morning here. I actually slept in a little today. I have to take my daughter shopping today so she can get her mom a gift. Not looking forward to going out to the stores today, but it has to be done.
  48. A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do...
  49. Very true!!!
  50. Mornin all, slept in till 8:30 today, first cup of coffee, got bacon on my mind!! Enjoy the day all!! Geof
  51. I love sun rises ...so much better than sun sets. Sun rises bring hope and promise of a new day. Sunsets mark the end of something awesome and usher in darkness which is not good.

    Sun sets make it worth getting up early. ...................ok, I am done ....going back to bed .....catch you all later.:D
  52. Sunrises are my most-est favorite part of the day.....Looks gorgeous out there today...
  53. ok, maybe its just me being tired and it being too early.....maybe I am just having strange thoughts.....but has anyone ever noticed that candy corn candies look like tiny traffic cones..........freaky
  54. Sounds good. I might not be able to taste it though. Lol
  55. Morning all. just got up in time to grab a cup of Joe and watch Engine Power on Spike TV. Then out to do some shopping.
  56. 4 o clock here ......did I beat everyone to coffee on this strange Monday morning...I say strange only because its 40 degrees here and raining pea size hail drops .......strange but beautiful stuff.
  57. 19 HERE AND BEEN UP SINCE 0319! Coffee gooooooood!
  58. Morning all its bout 645 here...driving some toast and java into me then running to work. Not sure what temps are but no snow and mild.
  59. Good morning all :glasses7: I just about have my first cup in me this morning :color: Looks like 45 degrees out side on this December day and dark :D The way I like my coffee :coffee2:
    Time to start breakfast for Treva before she heads out to work :blob:
  60. 35 deg here at 7:20 am. Have 5 vehicle repair jobs that arrived, here at the shop since I've been sick on Wed 17th. Feeling much better today. Can't wait to get out of the house. Been stuck in here for 5 days. I'm going crazy !!
  61. Gotta work today while the fam runs around like wild banshees, which is about typical! Hot to sleep in today 7:00....no school bus,yay!!! First cup, but won't be the last!! Off to the post office to ship a members parts, then off to the job! Last day till after Christmas, although still have to go to the shop to finish up a Christmas present for the family!!

    Mornin all, enjoy the day!! Geof
  62. Good morning all. I'm sipping on a cup of tea that I only drink when I don't feel well. Still not feeling all that well and I don't know whether I will go to work today. I just finished a small bowl of peaches and cream oatmeal that felt good on my sore throat. Enough about me. Hope your'e feeling better Mitch. Have a good day all. tmm
  63. Thanks Mike. I think just getting out to the `shop `will make me feel much better. Cooking breakfast now.
  64. 4:29 and I am ready for a cup a joe after a long cold road :burnout:
  65. Morning All. Gotta get to the stores early today to finish up the Santa Shopping. Only got a few things to pick up. Don't want to be out anywhere tomorrow. Got a few jobs in the shop to get out today also.
  66. Good Morning All. Just starting my second cup of coffee. Not much on the go today. Think I'll just sit around and relax. Have a great day all.
  67. After Nyquil at 1:45 this morning and the phone ringing at 7:40 -- ughhhhhhhhh people SUCK!!!! -- your pal's St. John's Blend has definitely fit my bill this morning Mike. Now all I need is a big fattie to go along with it for a great pre-holiday attitude .............. :-D

    Bring on the day -- I'm ready to crank out some serious Powder Porn.
  68. 0311 AND THE COFFEE IS GOOD! A day of running around for some last minute shopping, need spices for a venison roast for tomorrow!
  69. Up and at em at 5:30 this morn. Gotta run one short errand this morning and that's it for the day. Just gonna chill out in the shop and maybe weld on the GTS.
  70. up and at em here too ....4:40 a.m. and 9 degrees outside :pale:
  71. Cool thread Mike! Just about to leave for work, only have to work till noon today then off till Monday! 35 degrees here in central MN, hardly any snow left due to the warm temps and rain...yesterday I seen wooly bear catipillars crawling around outside where I work! Crazy and I like the warmer temps but looks like little to no show for Christmas, unusually warm this December but that's ok, last year this time it was close to -30......

    Just had a shot of caffeine and out the door I go, hope everybody has a great day and Merry Christmas :glasses7:
  72. Up already, 1st cup!! Another busy day, headed out to the garage to finish painting the family Christmas present! No its not Mopar, wish it was!! Trying to clean up the hallway where all of the coats, shoes, mittens and hats get dumped...only one coat rack! Decided to build this!!!....

    Mornin all!! Geof
  73. Having a cup of the good stuff myself Leanna. tmm
  74. Looks like you did a very nice job on it./ Bet it's not your first attempt on furniture !
  75. Wow Nicely done Geof!
  76. Nicely done Geof. By the looks of your workshop this isn't your first trip around the block! LOL
  77. Just started it yesterday, probably take more time to paint than it did to build it! Also have to finish up my mom in laws present today by 3:00...yikes!!

    Coffee, don't fail me now!!! :)
  78. I better not bother you so you can get er' done. Kudos to you for making gifts from the heart. My son is getting into that spirit through his girlfriends family. He hand made a hammock and bag out of rip-stop material for his sweetie that she can use when they go camping in the mountains. Homemade items mean so much. Merry Christmas to you and to all here at FABO. toolmanmike
  79. Mornin' folks! Yep, doing my usual since 6:30 - drinking coffee!
  80. Up at 5:00 this morning. Two cups of coffee in and the paper read. Be going over to my parents house in a little bit to put a exercise bike together for my Dad.

    Later we are all having dinner over at my daughters house. Prime rib, lobster, baked potatos and salad. Then watch the grandkids open a few presents. Life is good!
  81. House full of family, the last of which arrived about 9pm last evening... Presently sitting at my desk, with Kitty, Lyla, and Sam ( one cat and two dogs), everyone else is still asleep.
    The dogs and I went for a walk in the rain this morning about 6am, and the cat just sat in the window and watched the higher life forms getting soaked.

    Presently starting my 4th cup. Merry Christmas.
  82. Slept in this morning. 7:00 AM west coast, on 2nd cup of coffee. Great to be to Christmas eve. I have a morning of Barracuda parts painting planned, then home for a family Christmas eve with the family and grandkids. :coffee2: Best wishes to all for a merry Christmas and a happy New Year! :D
  83. Good morning all. Some of you will be going back to work I'll bet. I am going to be with my 88 year old mom to have a feeding tube put in. She has been in rehab for 8 weeks now after a broken leg and we believe she had a small stroke last week. She is having trouble talking, eating (swallowing), and seeing and of course her walking rehab has took a turn for the worst. She has aged 10 years in the last 2 weeks. I don't have a good feeling about what lies ahead in the near future. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. Mike
  84. Will keep your sweet Mom in my prayers. You being at her side will comfort her better than anything.
  85. Prayers from here Mike for your Mom and your family.
  86. Thanks guys for your support and prayers.
  87. Mike, your Mom will certianly be in my prayers.
    I know the feeling both my parents are in there late 80's. My Dad turn 87 today so I'll be heading over to their place after my coffee to wish him a happy birthday.
  88. Thinking of your Mom this morning Mike, and praying for peace and comfort for her while she is on the mend!! Hoping that she is able to enjoy her time this Christmas season with you there to help keep her moving in the right direction! My coffee cup is raised to your Mom, and all Moms everywhere, may God keep her in His hands as He lays His blessings upon her!!
  89. Thoughts are with you and the family Mike.

    On a side note, the wife went out shopping this morning to try to get some good deals on wrapping paper and xmas lights. Finally ran out of paper and we are swapping everything over to LED lighting. I thought about going with but still being on crutches I wasnt going to deal with the crowds.

    Then heading out this afternoon to the inlaws for the weekend.
  90. Wow Mike...I will definately be praying for you. Not to hijack the thread but almost the Same thing here with my 80 year old Aunt. We will lay her to rest tomorrow...and I have been spending as much time with my 83 Mother as I can because she is not taking it well. I recognized that this may be my last Christmas with my Mother. It is really hard when we get to these years...I will pray that things will work out for you and your mother.
  91. WOW!! Geof :cheers: I need some of what your drinking :D great job :cheers:
  92. Stay strong Mike and be there for her is a big help, keeping her in my prayers this day
  93. Good morning :color: Today is not quit here yet, to dark to go outside and move some leaves from my drive way drains that help keep it from washing out :???: Time for another cup :coffee2:
  94. Hi, all. Had a great Christmas with my Wife and Family. Will post a pic of my SS gift later. Welding on the GTS today.
  95. Good morning guys and gals.
  96. Good morning Mike :glasses7: just finished my last cup of the day :cheers: heading out
    to remove leaves from my drive way drains :D ok :toothy1: cutters :D
    Have a groovy day :glasses7:
  97. Good morning FABO earlybirds
  98. Good morning everyone. Just starting on my second cup. Going to take the wife around to the cemetery today, so she can clean up around her dads headstone. Have a great day all.
  99. Good morning folks!

    I just rolled out of bed 1/2 hour ago and poured my first cup of coffee.

    I'm going to fill the bird feeders, put some peanuts out for the Blue Jays, then sit back and watch the show.

    I hope everyone enjoys their day!:coffee2: