Stuff I do while Truckin


Not a Nova
Dec 26, 2006
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Some of youse like to see what I'm up to so I figured I'd start a threat if it don't mind!

Picked this up in Baton Rouge La


Delivered to Famosa Plastics in Point Comfort That iso container beat the crap outta my truck

Picked up a Blue Man Show in Houston at a Drop yard and took it down town for 679 bucks


Then Picked up a Cat generator from a concert at Tinley Park (down town Houston)took it to Baton Rouge La.The port a potty stank cause it was over full.I almost puked!



The way out!!

Day after Memorial day Picked up in Leavenworth ks to Richmond VA

Rickmond VA back to Leavenworth Ks

BD are you a independent? What engine are you running in that FL?
BD are you a independent? What engine are you running in that FL?

Im leased on with Trailer Transit and I have a 500 Detroit 13spd 3.58 gears on low pro 22.5's .It has 200 miles on a in frame.Detroit put an emissions code in my brain and since its out of warranty I'm going to get it taken out so I can get a .75 mile a gal mpg back!

Grossed 102,000lbs went from Mickey to Jersey for the hurricane relief!Forgetaboutit!
I had a friend that did the same...he said after driving his rig, he felt very small in his car...what a great life...

You do haul some interestin' stuff. How in hell do you keep from gettin' effed by the "guy with the trailer" with various illegal load violations?
That's another reason I sold my BMW M3, climbing down out of a Freightliner and down into a car that rides 4" of the ground and is half as wide seemed SCARY!
I'm a professional driver whom does not get any violations with over 2.9 million safe miles.1.1 alone on my truck