Swap Meet Today in Massachusetts

Chris (CJ) Johnson

Long may you run, Cody...long may you run
Aug 16, 2019
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Raynham, MA
Today, 1/21/23 and tomorrow 1/22/23, there is an indoor swap meet being held at the Big E exposition center in West Springfield, MA. I attended this event many years ago and it was pretty good...anyone on FABO have any inside scoop on the event? I had planned on attending but it looks like there are only 65 booths and most are commercial enterprises as opposed to regular guys swapping their spare parts. I noticed they required all sellers to obtain Mass sales tax ID numbers and collect tax at the event, and the website mentions "officials" will be there checking same. They even provided a link to the state sales tax site. I would think this would chase the little guys (hobbyists and enthusiasts) away...I certainly would not want to go through the hassle of tracking and reporting for what would probably be a net loss or breakeven at best on my spare parts. Anyway, is anyone out there that can give us an on-site update and let us know if it's a waste of time?