tailpipes and a spring relocation kit?


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May 26, 2009
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Long island, New York
I bought a inboard frame mount spring relocation kit from a member a few months back. Now if i put this in it would be impossible to have tailpipes out the back without a fuel cell or a modified tank correct? If i sell my kit and go with the offset shackle kit i can still run them though rite?
Though it may be a little late, I think you could probably still run pipes to the back with a full inboard spring kit. You would have to snake the pipes between the frame rails and the leaf springs, but unless you completely bottom our your springs you wouldn't really have to worry about them getting hit if you keep them tight to the frame rails. At least from the looks of my 67 Dart you could. Can't say for sure though, hopefully someone else that's done the spring kit can chime in.
It is a squeeze....

That is not mine, I found that picture on BBD. I have a few more pictures, but they are on a different computer. If I can get it to run again, I will post the rest of the pictures. I did post them in another thread. But you might not want to sell them, because tailpipes will fit with the springs relocated.....





Pipe size probably has a lot to do with it too. I was just eyeballing mine, but I've got dinky little 2" pipes right now and no mods. I would think tubbing and tire size would be the other big factors.