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    just came across this,
    check out the intake mods

    Project Hemi Dart

    This is a beautiful 68 Dodge Dart built by Jerry Dixion out of Pittsburgh Pa., a
    classic muscle car restorer, who believes in our school and knowledge, and
    has asked intrusting us at RCS/AMS Votech to fix and redesign a list of
    drivability related issues. This crate 426 Hemi was from the factory a 435 Hp
    single 4 barrel tested engine. Jerry put on the crate engine the Chrylser
    factory racing cross ram with two matching factory 750 cfm racing carbs.

    Jerry had major tuning problems with the induction system he installed.
    The carbs and the intake runners were too big for the engines designed power
    output and it made tuning the engine next to impossible. The induction was
    designed for a much higher output engine and RPM.
    Classroom Subject
    In our Advance Engine Program students get a heavy involvement in tuning
    related issues. With this 2x4 cross ram design students first go through a list
    of tests, results needed in making sure our efforts are not wasted. From these
    test we were able to make all the necessary changes to the engine and parts
    without replacing anything. Jerry really wanted to use this set up for it made
    the car's image come together.

    We advanced the camshaft timing to increased the dynamic cylinder pressure,
    along with shrinking the plenum of the intake manifold. After the major
    changes we were able to adjust the carburetors with accuracy by increasing
    the throttle response and idle quality as if it was a single 4 carburetor engine.
    Jerry was unbelievably happy with the results and hasn't had to make an
    adjustment since.
    RCS/AMS School Blog
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      Very nice!!!
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      I just realized where this is.
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