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That was a big fat fail

  1. So I have been having an issue with people coming into my yard and opening car hoods and getting into cars without permission.

    Its happened twice that I'm aware of and one time someone left the hood open to a fury, leaving the 383 exposed to the elements.
    Another guy shopped around the yard and when I saw him, he asked me if the car he wanted is for sale. I'm like really, you have the nerve to ask if it's for sale when I just caught you red handed in my yard.

    So I'm thinking of ways to lock cars down and I had the idea of preventing engine compartment theft or tampering by locking the hood with a bicycle cable lock.

    Whhhaaa whaaa waaaaa FAIL.

    I locked the hood of my demon down with the cable lock and with all my might tried to force it open, because odds are anyone trying to open the hood would probably be a huge ass dude with a shit load more strength than me.

    The cable lock busted, even with my strength.


    I'm probably going to have to stop being cheap and get some good chain and padlocks.....a few of them, and get more restrictive who is in and out of the yard.



  2. That kinda sucked. Move to a better neighborhood.
  3. Even if you had cameras and caught someone red-handed the police are most likely hamstrung & wouldn't be much help. I'd suggest a fence, it's alot cheaper than rrr's option lol. That crap needs to be stopped, to bad you can't put bear traps around as a serious stopper. Good luck.
  4. Maybe his wife told him to go shopping. :D
  5. In all seriousness, get a dog.
  6. Post a sign:
    Trespassers will be shot.
    Survivors will be shot again.
  7. Put some old junked out Chevys across the street.
  8. Make friends with someone that has a crusher and a recycling yard.

    Keep a junker Chevy in yard. Y'know, like a nova....

    Buy a gun on the black market.

    Rinse, repeat.
  9. Partner up with any of the lonely unemployed guys on this site and let them watch your place while you're away at work!

    1 laff.jpg
  10. It is a good neighborhood, these are not some random hoodlums pilfering a random yard. These are mopar guys who want to see what they have heard about.

    The guy I caught fits the description of someone a lot people i know, also know. Somewhere along the line someone was here and he went and ran the mouth and now they want to see.
  11. Game cam in a tree. 180 degree motion light and any dog big or small. You can always ask local police for extra patrols. I have used chain before wrapped around the hood and under wheel well. Total PIB when you want to open your hood.
  12. There is barbed wire fence all around the entire property, I can see where they are jumping over
  13. Guard dogs are one of the most effective security measures for any type of property as they act as a great deterrent for anyone looking to incite violence or steal. ... Research has shown that on average, over 65% of criminals are unlikely to attempt breaking and entering a property if they know there are guard dogs.


  14. upload_2021-10-1_1-59-44.jpeg
  15. upload_2021-10-1_2-1-35.jpeg
  16. And a tough guy….


  17. Or maybe even - LOL!!!!
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  18. Post a sign, “Your on camera! Smile!”
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  20. chain link and these ^^^^^^^^^^^^
  21. Dogs no match for a can of this...a few seconds they are out cold....

  22. So long as they make a lot of noise.
  23. Good fence/gate sign says trespassers could be SHOT!
    A Mopar neighbor found a wrecker that had just hooked to his pickup. He has a good fence and gate and angry dog.
    There are stupid people, there are crooks, and then there are idiots.
  24. i would use one of these to close the hoods on my cars


    best part, is, they give them away for free (or is it free with purchase?)
  25. This is why we got Arlo security cameras. One of the trucks was broken into and almost stolen, so up went the cameras. They've been up for almost 3 years now and are a great help.
    Amazon.com : arlo pro 3
  26. First off, I don't know what the zoning laws are where you live but in a lot of places electric fences and razor wire are prohibited. Secondly, some police departments will not prosecute people for trespassing unless the property is posted no trespassing. So my suggestion, post the property in multiple locations so no one can claim "I didn't see the signs". Install good security cameras with storage capability. The first time someone ends up on candid camera, make a trip to the cop shop and make an example of him/her. The old saying about shooting the first one and the rest will fall in line has some truth to it.
  27. Electric cattle fence. And game cameras.
  28. ...........
  29. I have a dozen vehicles here. I recently noticed the wiper arms are missing from a few. Wth? And im here almost all the time. Camera #1, with signs stating the fact there are cameras. And trespassers will be prosecuted signs. If these are somewhat educated people,they will get the message.
  30. If they are coming in at night, motion lights will surprise them and either let them see better for what they are looking for or startle them into leaving. They work only once though, they get used to them and next time they are usually not put off. But, combined with signs and cameras, with the added "smile, you are on camera", it keeps the honest ones out. I know booby trapping is illegal, but, what about some kind of Mcgyvered fire cracker loud noise situation that pops when something is tampered with....no harm in that.
  31. I knew a guy way back in the day (80s) that had a couple of 69 road runners in his yard, he chained a big ol dog up in between them, no one got near those cars, or the yard for that matter...just saying it worked...
  32. Here ya go

  33. Do you have an extension cord long enough to reach the cars?
  34. Put up enough No Trespassing signs so that Stevie Wonder couldn't miss em, and then call your Register of Deeds office in the county you live in to officially register the signs and that the property is posted. A friend of mine that's in law enforcement told me that makes a difference if a situation ever gets to court. Ask your cousin if that holds true in your area also. Then I would get one of those Weed Burner electric fence chargers, and run at least 2 strands of hot wire around the perimeter of the property. First time someone gets a taste of that fence, they probably won't be back. Those Weed Burner chargers will make you taste the fillings in your teeth when you get bit/burnt by one! :eek: Sorry these ass hats are causing you trouble.
  35. Dam Rani that sucks. I know all to well what ur going thru. Now a days the court system can’t be bothered to prosecute trespassers on little shit like this. A big dog is ur friend. Beware of dog signs everywhere. Post up that violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Kim
  36. You said you can see where they are jumping the fence. Fixing that spot will just make them find another spot to jump over.
    However, leave the fence alone, put a few no trespassing signs and simply forget that you left a half sheet of plywood with a couple dozen nails or screws run thru it, pointy side up, laying out there where they land. They'll only jump the fence once. Word will get out.
  37. Ewww... sadistic I like it...:)
  38. Do not put nails in a board. Don't do this, everyone has phones and they will call the Police and Ambulance, you will be arrested for setting a Booby trap, they are illegal everywhere.

  39. Not if you say it isnt a booby trap... you say "I was doing a little remodeling on my wood shed I must have left that lying there..."its the same as a hammer is a tool till used to hit someone in the head with it then its a weapon...yeah I know its a lie but it is an effort to thwart a would be thief...two negatives equal a positive.:)
  40. not talking about booby traps here at all, but got an old shed nearby?

    i was walking the perimeter around a non disclosed building the other day that was about 20 years old
    around that building were several AC units and when the place was new someone had build little wooded roofs for the AC units and shingled them

    over time, the frames of those roofs had come loose and there were several pieces of particle board, with the singles still attached, laying around
    i picked them up and put them away, because it looked like someone had used 1 inch nails to attach the shingles to 5/16th sheeting
  41. I agree, I would put a bullet through there head and put a knife in there hand, but you have to be carful with anything you do. I know we would all hate to see Rani get put in jail but with all of us here I'm sure we could pony up for the best lawyer possible.

  42. I would drive the 2 dozen nails thru that plywood, let it sit in the weather a month till rusty, then set it! Hows that for sadistic!? lol
  43. a bunch of cameras even if not hooked up would make a person think twice.
  44. My buddies car wash was getting messed with. We put up cameras and it was amazing that the vandalizing stopped.
  45. I use the Arlo setup. Cant say I actually could identify someone from them. but I am alerted via cell and can speak through the camera. There is a 5 second delay it seems.
  46. In Texas we have the right to shoot trespassers. You don't have to kill them but once someone is shot at they usually stay away!!!
  47. You could throw water balloons filled with pee at em...:0
  48. Build a wall like 10 ft tall and top it with barb wire.
  49. Might want to electrify it then.
  50. how about the pits with the spikes at the bottom a la Viet cong with the fake grass over em...put the pits right at the front of the car where they'd lift the hood and at the drivers door... drop down in about three feet with the plywood and nails... and a little bit of dung smeared on the nails just for smell and tetanus etc.
  51. Or a micro switch that triggers a rattlesnake sound on a small speaker under the car.

    edit: could be triggered by motion sensor to make it realistic
  52. psychological warfare..I like it...:)
  53. I feel your struggle someone just broke my vans window last night to try and steal it but luckily I put a kill switch. That van was parked on the street, honestly if I didn’t have a gated yard and a dog my house would probably have been broken into a couple times. I see it this way even if your not a animal person dog food costs 20-30 bucks a month. Best protection yet.
  54. Yup,and even a little dog will bark and let you know someone is lurking around outside...
  55. the tendency to do bad things is definately less if you feel you are being watched
  56. Where the fk you live and what kind of mopar dude hops fenses into other peoples yards. If I even go as far as to stop.. I knock on the door unless I see signs saying "fk off"...then I leave my number at the gate or in the mailbox.

    Tarp and strap the cars.
    When they are tightly tarped down they are less inviting. Also... put them all next to and in front of each other...so you have to move the least desirable ones to get to the driver door or hood of the rare ones.
    If you also use the ratchet straps from link bolted to hood loop to k member underneath... the hood won't come up without them getting more involved.
  57. Its not "mopar dudes" its the current generation of folks who never had any punishment and they cant keep their hands and feet off other peoples property...now lets be real your average 30 year old doesnt know how to drive a three speed manual on the column, but theyll snoop around...combine that with the classic car craze on the interwebz these folks think these cars are cool what they dont realize is the maintenance that they required even when new...
  58. Dogs are great but I have a tortie cat named Abby, anytime someone pulls in the yard she's at the window growling, she has woke me up in the we hours of the morning, most of the times its false alarms, till one morning about 2:30, four guys around my Dart, it's amazing how fast ass clowns can run when you sneak out, rack a shot gun and put some 00 buck in the dirt.

  59. Simplisafe wireless alarm system. You can do it. motion sensors, cameras, glass break sensors.
  60. Once years back in Missori, the County sheriff and County prosecutor asked "Why the Hell didn't you just kill that SOB!?"
    I guess they were just hard hearted.
  61. She wouldn't be setting a booby trap. She'd be installing a foot aerator. No law against those that I can find..... But I get it, the scumbag will have more rights than the property owner.
  62. I find my cat is a better night watchmen for sure. She growls as well.
  63. Get one of these nobody messes whid me or my stuff

  64. I think the idea of locking the cars and posting signs is the most cost effective option.

    Electric fences and heat seeking robotic killer beez or fembots are also options but not cost effective since we are talking about 3 acres here.

    I was out looking today and only see one set of foreign footprints so I think it could even be a single person. Someone wears a dickies brand size 12 that i have not seen before.
  65. Solid idea, since I haven't noticed anything missing yet, I think whoever it is will back away if it starts taking too much time or being too obvious.
  66. You should have had the cars locked from day one.
    Tarps hide what they are, 7 bucks each at harbor freight.
    Take and put 2x4s or plywood with nails hammered through so they land on them hopping the fence. Even sharpened rebar stuck in the ground near the area, about 3 inches exposed ..trip lines in front
  67. You could buy a motion detected sprinkler head, they sell them to chase cats away.
  68. I hate people who steal or mess with things not belonging to them.

    I would avoid trying to cause physical harm to them. The law is not on your side in that case.

    We have Simplisafe and it's very easy to set up if you have wifi. No wiring at all. Just place sensors wherever you want them. Several kinds of sensors. Cover with tarps is better than letting thieves see your property.

    Jerry in Denver
  69. Here's a few signs for you to post...




    Warning Shot.jpeg
  70. More signs...


    Dont touch.jpg


  71. A personal touch....

    Dear Mr Dickies Brand boot size 12.
    My stuff is not for sale.
    Please shop elsewhere.

    A persons imagination can be a powerful thing....less is more.
  72. .
    Okay from the pictures I've seen you're not a bad looking girl so here's what I suggest.

    Start dating three cops, one for each shift don't marry them just date them you might even get a free meal occasionally or taken to a movie. I'm sure this will get you free drive by security.
  73. and bring down the station all in one fell swoop:lol:
  74. Whats the World coming to just 10 years ago i newer had to lock my front door now its a whole diferent ballgame gang shoutings in the south of sweden bombs going of inocent people geting hurt truck running down people in Stockholm in the middle of a buzzy day iv been to war as a soldier in my yonger days but then you knowe what to expect but sweden the calmest and the country in the world that for many years been a peesfull place to be now is a changed country im just glad it hasnt comed up in the far north its just to cold for gangsters the development is no boeno what are we leaving to over children
  75. Somehow I find this whole post as a compliment and insult at the same time.

    Thanks ***gives Evil eye***
  76. Hey now, I might be an ugly chick but I'm no tramp..... thank you very much.
  77. Ha Ha! Ugly chicks need love too!! C'mon!! I meant somethin different!

    Good luck hunting sticky finger guy.
  78. .
    Not being ugly is not an insult. If you get a few meals out of the deal so much better.
  79. Its not about being ugly its about suggesting i would be a slut and string along three men at the same time. Nah, not my style.
  80. .
    Never meant to suggest you be a slut or string them along.
    Take them out for dinner one at a time and tell them that you've got a problem on the farm with people breaking in and that you need their help.
  81. hook a bare wire 220v extension cord to a door handle and put a 20 dollar bill on the dash board.
  82. Honestly I assume this is a chainlink fence. I'd try the fence wrap in order to block the view from people. Get the barbed wire at the top fixed. After that, some cheap camera's help. If you have Wifi and a power source the Wyze camera's are cheap and very effective. Heck they even have battery powered ones now. Once that's done you can hang your signs on the outside between the fence and wrap. Make sure the wrap is on the inside.


    After that, maybe start getting the word out that these cars are not for sale and you'd prefer not having uninvited guests.
  83. Pssssssst......when you're in a hole, STOP DIGGING! :rofl:
  84. If you have cars or parts you might want to sell, put something up with the no Trespassing signs that gives them a number for contact. Otherwise post a sign that says the cars and parts are not for sale. Giving some people information might solve some of the problem.
  85. Damn and I was so hoping.
  86. thats no match for a 45 acp either !!
  87. Are you rural or in city limits?
  88. I have a couple real cameras, with some fake cameras sprinkled around my property. A smile you are on camera sign at the main gate. Even the ups guy is gentle with my packages. :) It also doesn't hurt that the whole neighborhood knows I have 2 pit bull terriers and am locked and loaded. :elmer:
  89. Rural
  90. I thought you put up a fence to solve this problem a few years back?
    I'm guessing it didn't work?
  91. Depends how many years back you mean but I've moved twice.
  92. For a slight fee of 50 grand I'd be willing to come out of retirement and guard your property, you supply the body bag's.
  93. Is there a wifi signal where the cars are at? Modern camera security systems are a pretty affordable and you can get alerted to your computer or phone anytime someone enters the zone you set up. From their you can talk through the camera or activate siren. Then you have video of the douchebag(s)

    A heck of a lot cheaper than yard dogs or a law suite.
  94. Maybe 3
  95. BYOShovel ?
  96. Bear Trap. Seriously. Bear Trap.

    As blue as this state has become I have asked my police force if I can put a bear trap in my yard for intruders. They said not in city limits because of city ordinance's. However in rural Colorado I can legally put a bear trap on my land as long as I am only trying to trap coyotes. Open traps are not allowed for hunting in Colorado now (thanks blues). But coyotes are a problem so they are accepting of that. If someone happens to step in that bear trap it is their fault for being on a posted property.
    My police also told me that since this is a make my day state that if someone is in my yard with a pipe in their hand, and it was raised in any way that I can shoot them legally. The police also noted that if'n I were a female that the law is even more lenient. I was told to shoot the intruder as they do not have time for all the new crime from the new administration. And told to make sure there is a pipe or a weapon of any sort around, on the ground, next to the dead guy.
  97. WOW, that is pretty extreme. Kim
  98. You should ask that police department to put that in writing on department letterhead and sign it. :lol:
  99. Back in the boonies of Mo. the county law had no problem with thieves being shot and using the tractor bucket and sink holes for burial. They said just don't call. That's extreme. But they get tired of the thieving BS, meth, etc. Can't blame them.
    If thieves want it easy they say just stay in the cities.