The Beaver Hole Hardwood Company Begins


Near Erie Pa.
I have seen the movie twice on Turner Classics. It is a good flick, you will enjoy it.
More Beaver Hole progress. Got it cleaned up and a little more track added.
The mountain side.....

The sawmill side...
More Beaver Hole progress. I scratch built a two stall engine shed from bass wood and balsam wood. Still have details and lights to add, plus it's way too nice. I have to age, weather and crap it up some. I "could" have gotten a ready made kit, but finances are an issue, of course, plus that would be way too fancy for this tiny hole in the wall narrow gauge logging line. I still need to decide exactly how I will paint or stain it. Thinking some kinda grayish brown and maybe scribe vertical lines to emulate vertical siding. I'll probably use black sandpaper cut into long strips for roll roofing, maybe with a patch here and there.



Got more plaster cloth down, joint compound over that and a coat of paint. Gettin close to all I can do without more $$ input and that'll have to wait till next month. I may can do some details on the engine shed. We'll see. Gotta go through what I still have.

Movin' along.

I haven't touched my setup for years.
I realized I missed a crucial issue with my helix plan and will need to bore through the wall and run the exit through the pantry!
How TF did I miss that?
Kind of took the wind out of that project's sails.