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to the stupid mod who cancelled my wanted add

  1. what part of for sale or wanted do u not understand !!???
  2. OUCH!!!!
  3. If I remember the title was marked wanted and for sale in the misc. for sale or wanted forum. When numerous members start asking because they are as confused as I was, it's time to start over and do it right.
  4. I'll let the "stupid mod" comment roll off. I didn't call you "stupid Bob" did I?
  5. Bob, you put your wanted ad in the for sale section. We have a wanted section separate from the for sale section. That's where your wanted ad should have been.
  6. Musta been the comp. jumping around , put it in the wanted , this thing even posts before I get done typing , does it all the time when I hit the caps button too , even adds letters so bad I have to edit everything ! att neanderthol and h.packard .
  7. Autocorrect = incorrect
    Bob ain't stupid..... He's Famous
  8. LOL, that was kinda a joke , a friend talked me into back when I first joined fabo . Was at work screwing around , he talked me into it because of the old hemi car I used to race , most everybody around this part of the country knew it . The driver , ''not so much'' !---jfyi

  9. There's many times I've texted my wife and what I type and what goes on the screen has completely different meanings.
  10. Hey and for once it ain’t you getting their pp smacked!
  11. It probably took more effort to cancel the post that it would to move it and maybe let the poster know.

    More stuck up on rules and semantics than good bedside manners.

  12. Did I see an apology in there somewhere????????????????:drama::drama::soapbox::eek:
  13. ED642D67-5B78-4D24-BEE2-4BE851E799EB.jpeg
  14. I know, right?
  15. ......................
    I just watched the news.
    There's a lot of famous people that are stupid
  16. Are any of them named Bob????:rofl::thumbsup:
  17. I hate it when I text my girlfriend and it goes to my wife !

  18. so this was you?

  19. Mod lives Matter!
  20. Like the time the neighbor fessed up to using his wife for 10 years and felt bad about it. So the guy shoots his wife and the neighbor then goes back to his house and finds another text from the neighbor that said stupid auto correct, it should of said wi-fi.
  21. :rofl:
  22. And if we go in and fix everything the members will never learn how to do it right. I have been there before. Probably a couple hundred times...................over and over.
  23. Yea, the Mods don't have time to go around fixing everyone's mess'ups!! They also want to drink and party like the rest of us.......oh, and fornicate!!! If you want to play the game you got to follow the rules....otherwise it's pp whack'n time!!:rofl::soapbox::steering::steering::steering:
  24. Like, agree, and thanks on that one!
  25. tenor.gif :poke::poke::poke::lol:
  26. See where the OP went wrong is he forgot to send Mike a bottle of Rip Van Winkle Bourbon. Do that and you’ll never have to worry :lol:
  27. ---EASY !-----
  28. A simple solution would be to post on the correct section. I've had some of my posts moved or deleted because I put it in the wrong spot.
  29. Personally.
    I would hate to be famous for being stupid.
  30. To those that replied , it was posted in the wanted section , why it didnt show up there I, dont know -- to the smart asses that replied , KISS MY ASS !

  31. giphy.gif
  32. Toolman says ~ go ahead, do it again.. I'll be watching and waiting...

  33. Butt , where do witty humorist fall in your list?
    (See your own thread's title)
  34. stig eating popcorn.gif ThreadDirection.jpg
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  36. Mine wasn't meant as a smart ass comment, it was just an example of what has happened to some of my postings.
  37. Wow, admits he can't run his computer....calls the Mod the dumb ass.. :poke:
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  39. Hey Bob! The problem wasn't where you posted it its was that you had it under forsale in the title. I can show you how to fix it next time. I saw the ad and the mod was right it was wrong it was listed for sale then the title said wanted. You have to change the subject from. "For sale" to "wanted" with the yellow bar just click the down arrow in the yellow bar then select wanted. If you want to redo the wanted ad and need help pm me I will walk you through it. :)
  40. See here @famous bob this is what I was talking about. You have to click the header and then select the correct one. "Forsale" "wanted" "forfree" etc

    Screenshot_20210119-133326_Samsung Internet.jpg