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    Jan 8, 2006
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    This is a Raybern or shaw car, My son will answer any questions when he gets of work so all I am doing is giving my FABO family a shot at it before it goes on E-Bag

    Car only and $2,250 takes it home, I called him and he said he wants $2.500
    But his bottom dollar is what I posted.:read2:


    Daytona 500 441.jpg

    Daytona 500 444.jpg

    Daytona 500 445.jpg

    Daytona 500 446.jpg

    Daytona 500 447.jpg

    Daytona 500 450.jpg

    Daytona 500 452.jpg

    Daytona 500 453.jpg

    Daytona 500 463.jpg

    Daytona 500 436.jpg
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