Unable to shift into reverse gear at full lock


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Jan 13, 2023
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Cary, NC
Hey All, am looking for help (as always ). I had previously dropped my steering column to remove my instrument cluster in my 1973 Plymouth Scamp. I got the cluster back in and lifted the column back into place but am wondering if i have messed something up beneath the cluster on the reinstall, as I am having problems shifting into reverse when steering is at full lock, I have to straighten the wheels and then shift, it will not budge into reverse if on full lock (have only noticed this on left hand lock - need to try right). I’m also getting a cracking type feel through the steering column when turning left at slow speed and in a tighter lock - presume related l. I am wondering if when I lifted the column back into place after reinstalling my instrument cluster, did I reset the steering column wrongly in some way, what might have happened or what did I do?