[SOLD] Upper Control Arms, Big Ball Joint 73-76 A Body Cars.

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    What i have here are a pair of upper control arms that are used on the 1973-76 Mopar A Body cars such as Dart, Valiant, Duster, Demon. These control arms are required to be used on 1972 and earlier A body cars when doing a disc brake conversion to the larger 4 1/2 inch bolt pattern B or E body disc brakes or the 73-76 A body disc brakes.

    I cleaned them up of all the grease and grime in the solvent tank, and then soaked them off in a solution of a product called Evaporust, to remove the surface rust from these control arms. You paint them the color, and texture paint of your choice. I will leave that up to you. A very nice pair of upper control arms. One of the best pairs that i have come across. Not rust pitted pieces of junk, from the rust bucket states here in the USA.

    The control arm bushings and ball joints were pretty much worn out and shot, so i removed them as a courtesy to my buyer. If you rebuild Mopar control arms you know how stubborn they can be at times, to remove. So i have already performed that labor for you.

    A very nice pair of UCA's. This set i found last week while making my wrecking yard rounds. This pair are now the last ones that i have in stock. These 40+ year old cars are not showing up in my area anymore, and these UCA's in this condition are getting hard to find.

    Selling this pair at $140.00.
    Shipping will be thru the USPS in a flat rate box at $21.00
    Payment will be thru Pay Pal

    Interested parties, please send me a pm thru this forum, for payment instructions.
    Thank's a lot.
    Jim V.

    Spindles UCA's Sw Br Parts 006 (Small).JPG

    Spindles UCA's Sw Br Parts 007 (Small).JPG

    Spindles UCA's Sw Br Parts 008 (Small).JPG

    Spindles UCA's Sw Br Parts 009 (Small).JPG

    Spindles UCA's Sw Br Parts 010 (Small).JPG
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