[SOLD] Very Nice Shock Plates fit 8 3/4 and 9 3/4 Housings $95.00

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Dec 12, 2009
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I found these in a box looking for something else
on a shelf in the back of the shop.
Removed when I back 1/2 My Superstock cars in
late 60's or early 70's.
NO rust/Pits/Scrapes/Bad threads
Very Very Nice and three matched pairs.
Dr. Diff sells his which do Not look Correct
for $150.00 and have been out of stock for a long time!

$95.00 Per matched Pair
Plus $19.00 Priority Air Mail 2nd Day and Insured



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Will any pair of these work with an 8 1/4 under a 66 Valiant, I will look and see if the shock pen is right.
My understanding is the will work on any 8 1/4 as well
was told to me on this site. I have very little expereince
with that rear end personally
Two sets are sold pending my sending HD Close Up
pictures for their inspection.

The last set is very nice as well with not pitting/rust/dings or damage
but the plate has some minor scrapes that would probbly clean up fine
and would be under the U bolt nuts anyway. It looks like they put it on
with an impact on the assembly and got it a bit overtight. I posted a picture
of it close up so you could see. But it is not quite as nice as the other two
pairs. It is still available at this moment
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