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Jan 18, 2006
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Welcome to FABO. It's quite a place with lots going on. Poke around for a bit and see how things are done and then dive in and have fun. Here's a few basic rules:

1) Be courteous and patient. We are all here for fun and most everybody is willing to help.

2) There are a lot of different forums. If you are creating a new thread try to find the best forum for it to fit into.

3) If you are looking for a part new or used start a wanted thread. If you have new or used parts for sale, start a sale thread.We have a classified section for wanted and sale ads. There are also forums for trading and non car items. Find the proper forum, click on "Post New Thread" in the upper right, read the sale rules, and hold on tight.

4) FABO is free but you can become a Gold Member if you wish. By paying for a membership, it helps Joey the site owner pay for new computer equipment, software and the like. In return you will get access to special places on the site, a reduction of ads that you see and a huge amount of personal message space as well as the option of posting photos in your personal messages to name a few. That is a must if you are going to buy/sell/and trade. Here's a link to becoming a Gold Member: https://www.forabodiesonly.com/mopar/account/upgrades

5) We have a great group of sponsor/vendors. They provide Mopar parts and services to us all. Take some time to look over the list in the "Members" tab and give them a shout when you need what they offer.

6) We like photos of your cars and your progress. You can very easily load them directly from your phone or computer photo file to the site. Each post that you create has a "upload photos" option on the lower right. Click on the button and follow along. Easy and fun. If you get a error message when trying to load a photo, your photo is probably too big. You can reduce the size of the photos you take in the camera settings on your phone or you can resize them in a paint program on your computer. There are programs on the internet as well.

Thanks for joining the group. Have fun! The Fabo Staff.
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