What are you listening to ?

The lead guitar in that second one (no real video) is off the chain.

I don't even know the guitarist's name, but regardless- UNDER-RATED.
Ah Leah

Donnie Iris- 1980

This is one of those songs I always crank up when it comes on since the first time I heard it back around that time.
...and then it gets stuck in my head for a few days. It's just a darn good song.
I'm a sucker for "heavy" songs by bands that aren't generally "heavy".
This one sure fits that bill. Basic but tasteful power chords including "square" shaped chord patterns.
I figured out the chords a few years ago after I realized it's not in a normal Guitar oriented song key (E/A/D/G/F) IIRC it's C#.
I think there might even be only ONE "open" chord in the whole song.
This weekend I think I'm gonna work on the lead.
Attn: @j par
It's also somewhat basic but is very tasteful and conveys a lot feeling with the bends.

This guy seems to get it closest to what I hear except he adds one note right at the begging of the lead break that's not there the way I hear it.

Interesting history of the song. Apparently they got sued by someone claiming they stole the line "here I go again".
They won but it wiped them out financially. The co-writer then went back to school to become an intellectual property lawyer!
That guy also wrote Bon Jovi's "She Don;t Know", the only song BJ had NOT written by the band.
I remember hearing that when it came out too, but not too much after that. It's my favorite Bon Jovi song.

Next up- Hell Bent For Leather.
I finally found an online "how to play" vid that actually sounds "right" to me.
I might even try the tapping part of the solo- since that's probably the easiest part.
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In 1988, the Ramones opened their show with GB&E.

I want to say Metallica has also done that.
When I saw them in '89 they opened with the Imperial March from Star Wars.
In 91, they opened with "America" from West Side Story.