What ever happn'd to rod and custom machine small block hemi's?


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Feb 9, 2005
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In a tree near you.
Seemed like a great idea, but I guess the packages were too expensive, and I have'nt even seen any of their powerplants in the high dollar magazine feature cars????????

Sure is a good looking motor though but the idea seems to have been dead in the water.

I kept looking at their website for updates, or stories but it seemed that the site was never updated either.

Does anyone know of a car with one of those motors in it?
Last time I saw them was at the Nats in Columbus about two years ago. I think their problem was cost - cost to manufacture and cost to install, crate motors HP and prices probably killed them. For what you would spend on the conversion, you could get a killer crate engine with half the install issues. I've never seen one of their set ups anywhere except in MoPar Collector's Guide.
Crazy price on them heads that IIRC, did not flow so well.
Do not know but a buddy of mine has a billet hemi head on a sbf