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What is a Cuda' 340 worth

  1. Like the title says, what is a A56 package 1969 Barracuda worth? I want to get insurance on the car, but I want to make sure I have an accurate idea of what the car is worth to insure it for the right price. Car currently is in the same state that it was in when I got it back from the body shop 2 years ago.

    Car is basically a roller right now, the interior was completely taken out, and I have everything besides a carpet for it. All the chrome was refinished years ago and is in still very nice shape, and has never seen the light of day. Motor (72' 340 block, Orig. #'s 340 is on an engine stand and was never rebuilt) was rebuilt years ago but I recently took it all apart to re gasket it, and re ring it. I also have a pretty large stash of parts for the car (extra sets of doors, hoods, tail panels, grilles, marker lights, tail lights, and interior pieces). Pretty much I have everything needed to put the car back together, car has no rust and everything I do have is either in the car or neatly boxed/ in bins.

    I also have literally every piece of paper for the car( Deposit on car for special order, Invoice, Purchase and sales, Window sticker, Warranty paperwork, delivery acknowledgement, service history). The car was owned by my father's best friend who special ordered the car, he sold the car to my father in 78' and it has never been on the road since or registered since the original owner. Besides when the car went to the body shop to be painted it's original color, it never left the garage. (Don't know if this would add any significant value)

    The info on the car right from the window sticker:
    Q5-Seafoam turquoise metallic
    H6W- White vinyl buckets seats with headrests with all other interior black
    A01-light group
    A56- Cuda' 340 group package
    B51- Power brakes
    C73- Fold down rear seat
    D21- Manual Trans
    D56- 3.55 Gearing
    D91- Suregrip
    E55- 340
    G11- Tinted glass all around
    J11- Glove box lock
    R21- Radio soild state am/fm
    V78- delete stripes
    T73- Red Streak tires


    Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I finally meet the requirements to get collector insurance, and I feel like its pushing it not having it.
  2. FWIW they are more than fair in working with declared values.
  3. You need to have it professionally appraised.
  4. So even in my situation with the car being apart for restoration, I would be looking at what its worth overall?

    I will end up having it appraised, but I would like to have an idea ball park range of where I should be at so therefore I know if the appraiser is soft or spot on. I figured with the wealth of information that is posted on here, some members would have a close idea of what its worth, so I can keep it in the back of my head when it comes time.
  5. More than the other 3! ������
  6. i restored my 68 340 4 sp fastback formula S which is about 98% original. it is numbers matching between the body and fender tag, however the motor is "date correct" but not "numbers matching." GEICO told me they would insure it for $25k. i questioned that number and the underwriter told me that i would have to submit additional information arguing why the car should be worth more. based upon current market conditions, it appears that you can buy "museum" restored 67-69 barracudas (340 - 383) for $28-$35k. the value of your car will depend upon whether you do a stock resto or some kind of "resto-mod" kind of car. if your car is a near perfect stock resto then i would say underwriters will probably offer a policy for $30-35k without much argument. if you spend lots of money or you do a resto-mod, you will probably have a hard time getting an insurance value close to your investment. i believe hagerty offers an "actual cost value" policy but that policy is much more expensive than regular classic car insurance.
  7. I have a 68' 383 GTS, and 69' 383 Cuda. The values are the same, around 25k. Yours done, is right in there, don't sweat it. A beautiful car it is.
  8. I have Hagerty and have a stated value on both my cars. 25k on one and 15 on the other which I will increase next month when I renew. It costs me 335.00 a year for both cars.
    I am under the assumption that the car needs to be together, (they want pictures of engine, interior, and all four corners of the car, for Hagerty to insure it? I have never tried to insure less with them.

    Beautiful car BTW!
  9. Great color combo and story to go with it.

    Yes I would agree with others about getting it appraised. Had mine done before the car was finished. They seen the Dart, quality of work and the parts to finish it.

    It was quite a bit lower than my investment. Mine is a restomod, guess that is the best way to describe it . Need to get it re appraised

    I think with all your parts you might check with your homeowners for all the parts not on the car or extra stuff for the car and see what they tell you.

    I have heard of specialty insurance company that cover the car during restoration, a few phone calls you can probably come up with something.

    The car probably has more sentimental value to you than what it probably has. My 1981 Imperial with 15,300 miles has a book value of $6,000, it has 10,000 in insurance on it, but I feel it should be worth more. For 20 years book value has stayed the same. I have never seen one in better condition than mine, IM NOT SAYING THERE ISNT A BETTER ONE OUT THERE, I just have not seen one. The appraiser looked at the car and said it would be hard to get the insurance for more than 10k due to listed book value.

    Your car will be beautiful put together, get R done. Then have some fun!
  10. I just went with Grundy and love it. You set the value and they throw in towing and spare parts coverage also! Haggerty was a hassle to deal with setting up the insurance. Not running should be fairly cheap.
  11. Just look at cars out there that if you lost your car that you would buy to replace it.. Then as long as you can afford that stated value get the insurance.. Putting a hard number on a car is impossible. It is worth what someone on a particular day will pay for it.
  12. I noticed a couple of you said "stated" value. I know what you mean, but the OP may not.

    OP, whichever insurance you decide on and the amount, make sure it's AGREED value, not stated. Big difference.
  13. My 69 340 is insured fir $30k. State Farm agreed with estimate and we both looked it up separately.
  14. Truth right here. /Thread
  15. Haggery, no questions asked. I have agreed value at 38K on my 68 GTS. That's 38K paid out if the car were totaled. My car is basicly 75% back together. Once it's at 100% we'll re-look at the value. I've been doing some price research and cars like ours are starting to creep up. Another way to look at it is in several years you won't be able to restore a car like that for under $50K unless you do all the work yourself.
  16. Thanks for the replies guys, been really busy with work and whatnot. All good information! I appreciate the advice.