What year 8.25 diff / need help ID


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Jan 29, 2022
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Can anyone with expertise in this area let me know what year 8.25 Diff I have in my 67 Barracuda based on pics attached?
Car was originally slant six with 7.25 but has since been changed out to this.
I am going to be upgrading the 3:23 open diff to 3:55 Trac Loc from Dr Diff and need to know what i have so I can get the right Carrier Races.
Plus I just like knowing
Thanks in advance
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I know mine were the smaller carrier bearings. I had to reorder. Mine Valiant is a '75 (8 1/4) and I had 2.45 open carrier. If that carrier is coming out anyway, just measure the races and order accordingly.
Pretty sure theres a date, right on the outer edge of the ring gear, along with ratio and other info.
I think the only way you would know is if you measured the O.D. for the races on the carrier bearings
Thanks to all for answering.
I am replacing the Carrier and everything else. Ok I will ask Dr Diff.
Woody, since mine is same number as yours do you know what you have?. I’ve been told mine is possibly from early 70s car.

My car is a 1975 Valiant/Scamp Brougham with a 318 and 8 1/4 rear with an open 2:45 pinion gear. Car is original with only 32,840 miles. I have researched it thoroughly.
I found an old e-mail to Ratech, who I bought the correct carrier bearing for the new sure grip I was putting in. I measured this old race at (OD 2.891). The first bearings I ordered were too big for the housing. I am not sure if your housing is the same year as mine, but I found a pic of mine. The number on the housing could have been used in multiple years? I hope this helps you.


8 1-4 rear end.JPG
I thought the housing or bearings are different for 8 1/4's with 2:45 rear gears???
I should say that I agree with the member that said e-mail Dr. Diff. I bought a new upgraded front brake and front suspension kits from him and I asked a ton of questions! He answered them all. I would buy parts from him again in a minute.
I put those OD (2.891) bearings on a 8 1/4 sure grip with 3:55 gears and it fit perfectly in the housing. I cannot find the e-mail to summit where I complained that the bearings I bought originally were too big. This was back in 2019? My search on Summit was Mopar 8/14 carrier bearings. If i remember correctly the original bearings were 3.06? I e-mailed Ratech directly, explained my situation and they sent me the correct carrier bearings OD (2.891) no charge, they were great! They said something along the lines of "you got one on those special 8 1/4".
1970-1975 had a carrier bearing that had a smaller O.D. than the 1976-1996 8.25. the housing is the same, but there is a carrier break at 2.71 and numerically higher.
What a wealth of info.
Appreciate it.
I always feel better when dealing with ANY parts company like Dr Diff if I am armed with some solid info.
I am not done digging yet but this helps a lot.
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Dr Diff will know but still wanna learn it
That 905 number was first cast in at the foundry around 1969 or 1970. The casting was cleaned and the carrier cap mating surfaces were machined flat and the bolt holes were drilled and tapped. The rest of the machining was completed. Then the caps were machined flat and the holes were drilled. Caps were installed and torqued. Then the carrier bearing surfaces were bored to whatever diameter they chose.. ......... Or a similar machining process.