Which oil pan gasket , an any tips on getting it on (340)


Mar 25, 2016
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Nashville area
Hello everyone
I’m looking for an oil pan gasket not cork . I see there are a few companies that make rubber ones . Does anyone have an experience with any one being better than another ? Or one to stay away from due to quality or fitting Issues ?
This will be going on a 70 ebody I’m not sure if there’s any difference between that and a abody in that area of the car? the car is 340 4speed with manifolds . Does anyone have in words of wisdom for putting on the gasket a what problem I might get into Or anything that might make the job easier, or things not to do .
any an all information will be helpful. Thank you
I like the rubberized cork, but one time I did that job, I installed a "reuseable" type. I forget what brand. I think it's on at least it's third re-use. It was worth every stinking nickle I paid for it.
I used a Milodon crush proof gasket on my 340 part number 40600. Had the pan off a few times and still no leaks. Its kinda expensive for a pan gasket though,,,, 31.95 but well worth it.
I've always used the rubber/cork gskts dry, - 4 pea sized dabs of rtv/now RightStuff where gskts meet .
That's it .
Use 3M weatherstrip adhesive to hold the cork in place, if I'm working under the car .
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