Yet another oil pan question. Reusable gaskets?

Kent mosby

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Aug 24, 2018
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I am replacing my timing cover with an aluminum one from AR Engineering, That means that I will also change the oil pan gasket as well. My question is, has anyone used the reusable gaskets from Mancini for the oil pan? How did they work? Also, I have a windage tray so that means 2 gaskets. Am I asking too much if I try to use 2 reusable gaskets for this job?

I also consider doing a normal gasket to hold the windage tray and the reusable one to hold the pan.
I used them without issue and yes you need two. YOu may find you need longer bolts and i'd recomend allen head bolts over hex head. Much easier to tighten
If the gaskets are manufactured from orange, blue or black silicone and they don't have any breaks, cuts or have been grossly deformed, yes.
I have reused silicone gaskets numerous times. I don't know what material Mancini uses, but if fits what I said above. You can use them again.
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Has anyone used the 4.150 stroke one with a 4.250 stroke motor?? I cannot find one for 4.25 stroke. On another website someone said that they used one but that was the only reference I could find.
I'm using the Summit-brand G2340, and while it says "4.15 max stroke" it cleared the rotating parts with room to spare on my 4.25 RB.
It did need some grinding to fit around my oil pickup tube...but it's only plastic.
I think the counterweight s are the same on most of the aftermarket cranks, which is smaller than a 440 crank
The million dollar question is...has anyone here tried to re-use one yet? I'm curious if they are as 're-usable' as they claim? The one I have is still on it's first go-round.