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    Cam button / stock timing chain cover

    I wedeld a stainless steel washer in my timing cover for the button to bump against , will still have figure out the .007-.0010 clearance on the button... you can further reinforce it with the correct shims , between the cover and the water pump > like some old chevy boys did -----LOL
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    If you think you had a bad Monday

    On top of that , you can do it yourself , its pretty easy ...
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    If you think you had a bad Monday

    Metal roof is the best thing I`ve ever done for my house !!!
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    If you think you had a bad Monday

    wheres the unsee button !!
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    [WANTED] 67-69 Fastback drag project

    original was 340 form s , 4 sped , 8 3/4 rear , stock drive shaft . now new shaft with dana rear and new 727/still fuly automatis , but works well when manual shifted, built by my expartners son .
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    USC gets crushed

    Riley had his foot out the door way back in the early of his last season. Didn`t do much coaching . He was reportedly playing favors with a lot of players , and with a cutie , "the reason some of the good ones transferred to other schools right off the bat ." Venables will get it together ...
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    USC gets crushed

    Being from Okla. I absolutely loved it ! Considering we had 50 players that had never been on a college field before this year , and lincoln riley`s hand me downs , and the other good 7 players that transfered the Sooners actually did better than ultra hi dollar texas did in their coaches first...
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    [WANTED] 67-69 Fastback drag project

    I`ve been thinking about selling my 68 form S fastback , getting older and have lost interest . Its not back halfed , but do run 10'' tires , 29'' tall , all under the fenders. 505'' wedge , 727 , dana 60 w/ detroit locker , fast 2.0 fuel inj. , no rust , really have to look very close to find...
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    How to interact with a police officer(s)

    Law in Okla. was to tell an officer that you have a weapon , if your closer than 10 ft... , or was back when I took a conceiled carry course , now its legal to open carry in Okla. , no license needed !
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    electric steering

    My poaris rs1 has elec. power steering , and I love it , works excellant , if I weren`t off of cars , I`d put it on my barracuda.
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    Why all the hate for youtubers?

    I watch youtube a lot, lots better than watching advertisements , I `m sick of them . You have to take y/t with a grain off salt, a lot off bullsh-- , from people that dont know their *** from a hole in the ground ! Lots of ''my way is the right way" , just because they did something , or ...
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    I Wanna Talk About Barracudas

    i have gotten a little bored with it , and gone on to an offroad vehicle
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    I Wanna Talk About Barracudas

    ny overbored and stroked 440 or 426 hemi .
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    My Luck

    Pretty scummy !!
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    [WANTED] weld center caps

    I have all the center caps that came with my pro stars (6), unused , if your interested . Bob , 74021 area code , make offer -------