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Im in a pickle! I have only a couple hrs to pull disc brakes parts off a 76 dodge aspen for my 69 tomorrow. Ive read the article/post on the swap. Just tired and my thinker in granny gear. unclear on a few things. The upper arms look different in the way they mount. Cross shaft 76 vs ecentric bolts on 69.still work? And lower ball joint needs upgrade to bigger one for newer spindle? Thanks for any help guys.
So proud to say that the film just released received 16 awards and nominated for 5 additional awards. What a feeling of achievement it is to get my disease known and heard about due to the extreme rarity. Only 4 to5 out of 100,000 people will have MSA. Of those maybe 1 or 2 will have a proper diagnosis until it's too late. MSA on the average lifespan is that of around 10 years.
I installed the Double roller,dizzy shaft ,oil pump plate, got the heads torqued down today after sandblasting the timing chain cover and changing out the front seal. It started out fighting me the whole way then something gave and I made good progress late.