For anyone interested, here are some charts that I made back in 2005-2006 of all of the Mopar SB cams that were available at that time... I collected data on the most popular manufacturers from their catalogs and online postings and went through all of the information forward and backward in an Excel spreadsheet... The spreadsheet goes from columns A to columns BV for the whole spreadsheet, but I collapsed it to make a chart to give all of the corrected basic information on the different cams... In the process I found some of the information was incorrect, like one spec would not match the rest of the data, so I did calculations forward and backward to find the true specs for the cams and corrected them in this final chart... This chart is the best match for open/close, overlap, lobe separation, and lobe centers... Not all manufacturers list all of this information, but it can be calculated from the specs that they give in most cases...

I highlighted the corrected specs in bold red text for the finished chart summary...

Keep in mind that I made this spreadsheet/charts back in 2005 - 2006 so this is the information for the cams that were available at that time... Some manufacturers have updated their grinds since then, and some have gone away... Maybe someday if I can get the time I can make a new spreadsheet with the updated current cams...


In this part, you can see the 107.5 for the lobe center on the Crane 272 H10 which I found was the corrected spec and not what Crane listed... This best fits the numbers for lobe center, lobe centerline, and valve open/close...

Crane SB Mopar 100.JPG


Edelbrock SB Mopar 100.JPG

Sig Erson:

This is the only cam I found information for as it came in one of my cars when I bought it...

Erson SB Mopar 100.JPG


Hughes SB Mopar 100.JPG


Isky SB Mopar 100.JPG


Lunati SB Mopar 100.JPG

Chrysler factory original cams:

There may be one or two missing, I may need to update this sometime, but here's what I have so far - the main stock cams...

Mopar Factory SB Mopar 100.JPG

Here'are the aftermarket Mopar Performance cams:

Mopar Performance SB Mopar 100.JPG