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  • hey Darwin how ya doing ? you going up to Mikes show at the end of the month ? I hope to have my tuning issues figured out by then and if so might be into cruising up for he day .
    Hey Chris...yes the wife and I are going to the Coombs show. Maybe see you there?
    yeah more pics to come but I should have it all ready to start repair / reconstruction this week , good news is the bad side {passenger} frame rail gets real good about 16 inches forward so no need to replace the whole frame rail on that side , hopefully the better looking side is just as good and we just have to patch the bad side a little before I start spot welding the new floor , cross member and valance .Still not clear on why your doing a 360 but I know DusterGlenn has a couple of freshly rebuilt ones available if you decide the one you have is too much to rebuild .
    Shouldn't you be busy working? Lol how you doing ? Grant said he tried to get you for a coffee clatch but no response?
    Merry Christmas to you and yours Darwin , I haven't heard from you in a while , hope alls good , give me a call next time you guys are going for coffee , Grant has my number if you don't . I talked to John aka. Moparwedden and he mentioned your mutual buddy is back in BC -cheers Chris
    Hey Darwin how you doing bud ? I mentioned to Grant maybe it was time for all of us to meet up for a little guy time BS session again , what do you think ?
    Thanks sparks. The paint uses a water base as opposed to solvent base used in the past. The car has only been painted for about a year, so longevity hasn't been proven out yet.
    I've been using pictures of your car to show people what my car is going to look like :)
    How has the paint held up through the years, being "water-borne" as you put it?
    Chris...almost...the car's back home and most of the parts are back on...lookin' good!!!...just waiting on the new camshaft and a few trim pieces to arrive. Don't think the weathers' been good enuf for Francelli's, yet, but it soon will be. I see you're doin' the "Fest" bonzai run again??
    you got your car back together yet Darwin ? I haven't been out to Francelli's yet this year. can't wait to see it go by with the top down
    Hay buddy, long time I know. I never left this great club for good althought it seemed that way. It was hard to sell thee old Signet and after she was gone....I guess the depression dug in and it just didn't seem the same which was wrong due to all the great guys like yourself I met over the years. As of now, as you can see I still keep my pic as most guys knew me by the car and not the name. My son in Calgary "user name" 340Duster274 just bought a 71 Duster 340 that I help him with on-line. He has got me back into the line of things on FABO. You can check out his duster in the Welcome Wagan.
    I stopped and had a look this morning its hard to see cause it's sideways behind some other cars but it looks like they are re-doing the passenger side door with a couple of layers of bondo , the green epoxy coat is sanded off and there is a white band a foot wide along the middle of the door , with a narrower and shorter length golden stripe down the middle of it ,dang it I was hoping to see at least the jambs and such sprayed after your talk about finding the paint
    patience is a virtue buddy , I've of course never been accused of being virtuous but what ever it takes I'm sure it will be better than having that assclown Shawn paint it in your driveway
    Yup...thats the spot. Its actually behind the middle garage door from the street. That door is rarely open, so you'll have to walk up and take a peek. The car's only been there about a month so far...better not take a friggin' year to do!!!
    the shop across from the copper roof place on Caledonia , just up the street from Willie Wankers old place Isn't it ? I drive by in the morning on weekends so the doors usually closed , I'll slow down a little this saturday for a better look LOL , I know how hard it is to wait for a year or more for your baby to come home
    Hey Chris....Been good....I assume your looking at the right shop???...The Dart's there...just look through the right-hand door glass...its all stripped down to bare metal now...just waiting for Ron to do his thing.
    hey stranger how you been , did you get the dart back yet ? I drive by that place all the time but have never seen it there
    Hi Val, I was wondering if you are going to the Courtenay Classic car show on Sunday? The weather looks good enough for me to chance the drive without my convertible top installed yet. Although I just finished the last sanding and finish coat on the top frame today and may reinstall it this evening. I think it will be another 3 weeks before I have it recovered because I leave for my trip late next week. Let me know if you go to the show and I will keep my eye open for you.
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