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    [FOR SALE] 1966 dart gt

    I have a 1966 dart GT it needs to be reassembly a lot of money has been spent this was a original yy1 bronze poly car original 273 charger motor and original transmission intact and both are rebuilt I have all the Original top end but the car has a set of Mildly worked 302 swirl ports and a...
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    [WANTED] 1966 dart g convertible

    Like it says looking for a dart convertible in California Northern California would be best but anywhere is cool I have cash but also have a 2013 charger pursuit special that I’m interested in trading if there’s any interest or if you have a Dart for sale please contact Rob
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    Hi there someone suggested that I contact you and that you might have a couple of pushrods for...

    Hi there someone suggested that I contact you and that you might have a couple of pushrods for an early solid cam 273 and I also need a couple of the valve adjustment nuts with the ball end if you got a couple I need them will pay and shipping
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    [FOR SALE] 1966 dart post car

    The Plymouth wheel?
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    [WANTED] Push rod early 273

    Please and thank you very much
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    [FOR SALE] 1966 dart post car

    It’s junk it’s just for moving it around are you looking for a 66 dart wheel only I have a other 66 gt but probably want to sell the car whole but I do have a other wheel most likely a Plymouth cuda wheel
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    [FOR SALE] 1966 dart post car

    I’ve got a steering for it
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    [FOR SALE] 2013 Dodge Charger pursuit special

    Nothing to trade ?? 9k obo cash I’m willing to look a a few modern cars but it has to be awd my kid snow boards
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    [WANTED] Push rod early 273

    I need 1 pushrod ball n cup 7.5 long for a 66 solid lifter cam 273 and 1 valve adjustment bolt with ball end if you have a old incomplete set would be best I’m not looking for a whole set up just trying to fix the problem created by Oregon cams selling me the wrong pushrods and then not taking...
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    [FOR SALE] 2013 Dodge Charger pursuit special

    2013 charger pursuit really nice charger I picked up in a trade was going to give it to my kid but it’s just to dam fast looking for a early A body convertible dart 64 65 or prefer 66 or other A body cars the charger has no problems or damage runs great handles like a dream all hp chips n tuning...
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    [FOR SALE] 1966 dart post car

    66 dart just a good body floors are shot great trunk pan fenders and hood n trunk lid in good shape and there dash has a ok pad but no gages heater box n stuff is there will part but would like to sell it whole I’m asking 400 obo as is can be picked up in far NorCal 96025 all glass but rear...
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    [FOR SALE] 1966 dart body

    Complete 66 dart post car body willing to part floors are shot but good trunk pan fenders and doors are straight and not rusted all glass there but the rear window the dash is there with a fair pad but no wiring or gages I live in far NorCal 96025 I’ll sell it whole for 400 obo need it gone...
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    [WANTED] Slot Mags

    I've got a set with good tires 14x7 fronts 14x10 rears all sbp off my 66 dart ..I'm in far NorCal
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    [Found!] 318 biscuit type engine mount brackets

    Do you need just the brackets or mounts to
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    [FOR SALE] 1966 dart 270

    running driving dart 270 /6 904 rebuilt motor and trans with about 18k on them good body with the usual rust in pans will need floors at some point but there and in drivable condition everything works on it no big problems the interior is in need of help but there ...this is your standard 2k...