Distributor advance springs

At the time I set the timing, I still wasn’t super familiar with carburetors.
Here's a pretty complete list of Chrysler Tech Manuals
Master Technician Service Conference - Chrysler's Training for Mechanics

If you prefer pdf, or want some of the ones that imperial club doesn't have, you can find most at www.mopar.com
But the descriptive list at the Imperial Club is still useful to know what year and session to look for.

if the reason it didn’t want to run at TDC initial timing was because it was idling too low to begin with. So I advanced it to make it run better, and now since it’s too advanced to begin with it’s far too advanced by the time the weights extend
and that's the scenario I illustrated in here with the red line.
The red line is the 1971 distributor advance (pink) with the initial shifted up from 0* to 5* BTDC.
I drew it in red because its going to ping. It not only sounds bad, but under heavy load it can damage the engine.

RPM, Crank position & Ignition Timing.