360 Magnum Daily Driver (but fun too!!!)

Just my opinion, but I think the OEM EFI and similar can be more reliable than a carb. How many late model 150K+ mile rigs running around that haven't even had injector cleaner run through them? And it is getting to the point where an O'Reilly's or similar is more likely to have the required sensor and not the carb gasket needed to make it home on a long road trip.

The big issue is when you get outside of the OEM setups. At that point tuning becomes an issue and pushes the aftermarket solutions, and some of the aftermarket systems don't have the reliability record that the OEM stuff does.

Just no easy fixes.

One idea might be to run the full Magnum EFI including the intake, but cut the runners down. Engine Masters did a Magnum comparison which included a modified beer barrel intake and a RPM AirGap and the difference was only 30 hp and 10 ft/# (330/412 with the BB intake). This was the same motor as shown in the video in post #16, so it had a reasonable cam in it. Then you could later buy the Hughes intake and get most or all of that back. Just make sure you factor in the cost of the HPTuner software and paying someone to do a tune for you.

Might even be an option to run the Terminator setup on the BB intake since it would self tune. Only question would be if the Terminator box could use the Magnum crank and cam sensors.
I’ve not got the factory EFI, would consider it an option. Not far off putting my shopping list together, where this group, as always, has helped enormously - will share in next few days.