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    New Brunswick Mopar guy

    Hey gang, I haven't posted here before. Facebook has pretty well distracted me from all other connecting to fellow Mopar peeps! But since I was here, crawling around, I thought I'd say "HI"! My wife and I have a "matching" set of project 1968 Barracudas, mine is a fastback that I bought back in...
  2. Removing drip rail moldings without ruining them

    Removing drip rail moldings without ruining them

    Hey gang, I made this video to show you how to remove the chrome drip rail moldings on any of your old Mopars...without damaging them. I've been doing it this way for 40 years, and have never once put a crimp in any of my chrome. Sorry for the quality of the video. I have since purchased a...
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    Removing drip rail moldings without ruining them

    magnumcharger submitted a new Article: Removing drip rail moldings without ruining them Read more about this article here...
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    Hi there! I'm the Dude who needs a gill for my Wife's '68 Convertible! What kind of deal can we...

    Hi there! I'm the Dude who needs a gill for my Wife's '68 Convertible! What kind of deal can we make?
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    [WANTED] Passenger side Rocker Gill needed for a Barracuda

    That would be me! My Wife's Barracuda convertible has the Driver's side rocker panel Gill. We need the Passenger side!
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    Using mustang rotors for 4.5" bc

    Like many others, this is the set-up I've been looking for! My 1968 Barracuda doesn't have the requisite disc-brake spindles, which I understand are a must have for this swap. Has anybody determined what might be required to install the Mustang rotors on drum brake spindles?
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    Keystone Klassics - front runners

    I'm sure you did! I wish I was the guy who bought them from you!!
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    Keystone Klassics - front runners

    Wanted: Two 15" x 4" Keystone Klassic front runners. Must be 4.5" bolt pattern (Dodge or Ford). Looking to spend $500 + freight. As per picture. Contact Robin McQueen
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    Fiberglass help .... from the Doc !

    Just Googled "Mister Fiberglass" and found this thread! And of course, I wonder what ever happened to "Doc" "Mister" Fiberglass! On eBay right now is the Mickey Weiss Dart being sold. There's a MILLION pictures of the car - with the restoration well documented! And wouldn't you know...
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    parting 1968 barracuda fastback

    The parts I need: on the rear seat, when you engage the seat folding lever, these two little cams, one on each side of the seat, turn and disengage the locking mechanism for the seat. I need those two little cams. They have square holes in them to fit over the rod.
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    Canadas greatest A body Drag Racer!

    In my humble was John Petrie!! And I'll gladly stand by those words. Did you know that in 1970 he ran a '70 Hemi Duster, in 1971 a Hemi Demon and in 1972 another Hemi Duster! He set all sorts of track records, and was known for having beaten the likes of other pro-stock notables as...
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    1971 duster 340 4spd rotting in ga

    So...what's the problem?? Four grand for this car is a steal!! Offer him what he paid for it and throw in a big screen TV! BUY IT!
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    Howdy...I'm 'new' eh.

    Welcome to the site Kori! And because of you...I can honestly be a member in the exclusive A body club as well! (Now I just gotta get my stuff outta your face!)