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  1. briwill70

    Slant 6 progress

    Nice. Looks similar but more fun :)
  2. briwill70

    Biggest front tire that can be run on 1964 plymouth valiant

    I have 215/50/17 on the front of my 65 Dart and they seem like a perfect fit.
  3. briwill70

    Show your wheels

    My 65 Project.
  4. briwill70

    Show 'Em Off Slant 6's

    The Slant in my 65 Dart before and after the rebuild.
  5. briwill70

    Unique "5-Pack" Mopar

    Dumbest thing I've ever seen. Great way to starve the rear cylinders :realcrazy:
  6. briwill70

    904 Linkage seems off?

    The adjustment is on the transmission side of the cable.
  7. briwill70

    904 Linkage seems off?

    It was a while back but I ended up removing the pan and setting up a camera under the car so I could see the lever movement when I shifted through the gears. I adjusted the cable and all seems to be working properly now. There's probably another way but that worked for me.
  8. briwill70

    Peanut Gallery Survey for my /6 Build ...

    I rebuilt the 225 in my Dart a couple years ago. Shaved .70 off the head, did some mild porting, Oregon cam regrind, super six intake with a Weber carb, ported the exhaust manifold, 2.25 pipe through a turbo muffler and electronic ignition. Won't win any races but very fun to drive and gets...
  9. briwill70

    How to remove rear window trim 65 Dart?

    Thanks. I figured. Guess the lower ones rusted to oblivion.
  10. briwill70

    How to remove rear window trim 65 Dart?

    I have to say that the rear window trim on these cars is not a high point in Mopar design history. Part of the rear window trim was pulling away from the window so I pulled on it and the bottom strip came right off but the rest is on there pretty solid. Are there clips holding it on or just...
  11. briwill70

    Manual vs. Power brakes.

    I have converted many drum/drum cars to manual disc/drum with no issues. My dart stops great and I do not feel the need for a booster. The bore size of your master cylinder does have some effect on braking power so do your homework there.
  12. briwill70


    I'd love to see if this works. I've often looked at the back of my 65 and thought the bumper does not look right. I think the thicker 66 bumper would look better.
  13. briwill70

    Gas price going up // Rethinking the new project car

    When I got my Dart I was tempted to build a 318 or 360 but the Slant looked so cool in my car. I rebuilt it, ported/shaved the head, added a modern cam and a Weber 2 barrel. Won't win any races but surprisingly fun to drive and gets amazing gas mileage. Bonus is I always get a cluster of old...
  14. briwill70

    what's the favorite replacment starter for these sixes?

    Just beware of cheap Chinese mini starters from the auto parts stores. I bought one from NAPA last year and it died after about 30 starts. Bought an original Denso one from a junk yard (90s Dodge Dakota w 120k) and it has been working flawlessly so far.
  15. briwill70

    What is it

    Love the garage floor patina.
  16. briwill70

    Headlight switch issue

    I finally got the correct switch and put it in this weekend. Works great but what a pain in the ***. I've pulled the dash apart 3 times for various reasons and removing and replacing that switch is probably the hardest thing to access on the entire car.
  17. briwill70

    [WANTED] 65 Dart Candy Cane trim

    Yeah but with shipping they are close to $400
  18. briwill70

    [WANTED] 65 Dart Candy Cane trim

    Looking mainly for driver's side but would gladly take both if they are decent. Does not have to be perfect. The ones I have are pretty beat up.
  19. briwill70

    [WANTED] 65 dart trunk letters

    $20 plus shipping?
  20. briwill70

    225/55/17 early a body

    I'm running 235/50/17s on back and 215/50/17s up front on my 65 Dart.
  21. briwill70

    [WANTED] 65 dart trunk letters

    I have some that are decent driver condition. Came in a box of parts with my 65. Has the nuts too.
  22. briwill70

    Headlight switch issue

    Returning the incorrect switch. I see that DS165T is in stock a few places. May try that. Thanks!
  23. briwill70

    Headlight switch issue

    It looks like I ordered MD9341. I thought it was the right one but maybe MD337 is what I need.
  24. briwill70

    Headlight switch issue

    My headlight switch stopped working on my 65 Dart. Ordered one from Classic Ind. and it appears to be slightly larger than the original. I tried to insert the switch shaft/knob and it slides in but does not lock in place. Has anyone had this issue? Wrong switch or just a defective one? Is...
  25. briwill70

    Late sway bar to early A?

    Did you ever get this sorted out? I'm planning to order a 22385 bar for my 65 Dart with QA1 Control arms.
  26. briwill70

    Change 8.25 rear axle to big bolt pattern

    It was a 8.25 with sbp but it sold. The search continues.
  27. briwill70

    Change 8.25 rear axle to big bolt pattern

    I've got a 65 Dart that has a post '73 7.25 rear end. I found a 8.25 rear axle from a 72 scamp that has a better rear gear ratio. How hard is it to convert that to the big bolt pattern? Is it hard to find axles?