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  1. SSG_Karg

    How far in the hole 318 pistons

    The pistons in my 1974 318 were .100” deep. Seriously. Measured with a dial indicator and deck bridge.
  2. SSG_Karg

    Polka polka nights

    The Devil’s wheel.
  3. SSG_Karg

    Polka polka nights

    My siblings and I and our spouses are really into polka and Oktoberfest. We actually have our own parties in my sister’s basement, complete with decorations, dancing, and traditional German drinking games. There is polka music on the radio in my garage every Sunday morning.
  4. SSG_Karg

    [Found!] Single 2.08 intake valve

    Found. Thank you @66fs !
  5. SSG_Karg

    speedmaster stuff pulled from Summit racing shelves

    Honestly, I thought Speedmaster was an Australian company.
  6. SSG_Karg

    [Found!] Single 2.08 intake valve

    It’s actually a W2 smallblock head, but as long as it’s 2.08” x 3/8” it’ll work. Length doesn’t matter. I’ll pm you.
  7. SSG_Karg

    [Found!] Single 2.08 intake valve

    I’m looking for a single 2.08” intake valve with 3/8” stem. Condition is not important. I just want a spare to drop in while I do some unshrouding in the chamber so I don’t nick the valve seat. Better safe than sorry. Let me know what ya got. Thanks
  8. SSG_Karg

    Sounds like new drag racing, donut circuses fines going up.

    I hope those people don’t give it up….those videos are Youtube GOLD!! I laugh my *** off every time I see some dipshit rag-dolling through the air after getting ***** slapped by a quarter panel. Hahaha!
  9. SSG_Karg

    2024 14th Annual FABO NHRA "Pick 'Em" Game - It's NITRO Burnin' Time Again!!!

    TF B. Force FC Capps PS J. Coughlin Jr
  10. SSG_Karg

    Street Outlaw star dies in wreck.

    Live by the sword, die by the sword. Tragedy.
  11. SSG_Karg

    2024 14th Annual FABO NHRA "Pick 'Em" Game - It's NITRO Burnin' Time Again!!!

    Agreed. I would think the track owners are going to take a big hit because of it also. Friday attendance is going to tank.
  12. SSG_Karg

    Good thing I had heavy leather gloves on!

    :rofl: Not a contest I was hoping to win. But a win is a win I guess. :realcrazy:
  13. SSG_Karg

    Good thing I had heavy leather gloves on!

    It cut a tendon that runs over the top of my thumb that controls the end section of the thumb. I used to have “hitchhikers thumbs”, where the end joint extends past straight. Now it’ll only go straight. No big deal.
  14. SSG_Karg

    Good thing I had heavy leather gloves on!

    This is what happens when you don’t wear gloves. 4.5” cutting disc on my angle grinder. Was cutting rotten metal out of the quarter panel of a 70 Dart.
  15. SSG_Karg

    [FOR SALE] Like new QFT 850 race brawler carb

    Damnit! Treed again. Put me next in line if it falls through. Thanks.
  16. SSG_Karg

    Pittsburgh car wash

    It’s been a real frog strangler around here today!
  17. SSG_Karg

    [FOR SALE] NEW vintage Turbo Action T-shirts

    I’ll take 1 size Large Ken. Pm coming soon.
  18. SSG_Karg

    Post your self portraits!

    I think some of the fumes got around the respirator.
  19. SSG_Karg

    Mopar Tow Rigs

    2004 Ram 2500. Hemi and 5 speed manual. Also pull my 7500lb travel trailer with it.
  20. SSG_Karg

    2024 14th Annual FABO NHRA "Pick 'Em" Game - It's NITRO Burnin' Time Again!!!

    I gotta stay with the Scrappers. Go Jasmine!
  21. SSG_Karg

    SBP mag slots, 14 or 15 to anything from 4 to 7?

    I say slots on the rear with these tires BFGoodrich Tires 87449 BFGoodrich Radial T/A Tires | Summit Racing leave the cragars on the front.
  22. SSG_Karg

    Can i see your 1970-1972 Dart Race Cars.

    This is PPG Sunburst Orange Metallic. Car was painted in 2001.
  23. SSG_Karg

    [SOLD] 850 holley

    Pics of list numbers please. Pm coming at ya.
  24. SSG_Karg

    Pop pop on exhaust side

    What type of fuel pump? Verify correct fuel pressure at the carb. My brother-in-law’s Maverick developed a pop in the exhaust and we tracked it down to a failing fuel pressure regulator. He was running an electric Holley pump.
  25. SSG_Karg

    Only pittsburgh people will understand.

    That would go great with an ice cold Iron City.
  26. SSG_Karg

    Towing experts?

    I tow a 7500lb travel trailer with my 2004 Ram 2500. I would definitely recommend some sort of sway control for your setup, especially while towing at 70mph on the freeway. While passing tractor trailers things can get interesting without it. The lightweight of your trailer and your truck’s tow...