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  1. Les Gibson

    Intake Manifold Gasket Recommendations

    SCE and Superformance both make good gaskets. I agree with what others said about no gaskets on the china walls.
  2. Les Gibson

    Appreciate some input on spark plug reading

    If you're running at Gainesville it will get very humid during the summer months. You'll need to adjust accordingly. I ran there back in the '78-81 time frame when I stationed in Jacksonville with the Navy.
  3. Les Gibson

    Been awhile

    Dan The Man, his epic search for that 'special' A body is a wonder to behold....
  4. Les Gibson


    I found Joe Wood, Scott Taylor, Jeff Lutz and Randy Johnson (before he left the circuit) to be the friendliest. Heck, Johnson talked to me for half an hour 3 years ago at the Epping NPK event, showed me his Dart that he was running and wanted to know all about my 72 Dart bracket car that I was...
  5. Les Gibson


    I have been to two at New England Dragway. There's only one place to get tickets for an NPK event and that's at the There are different ticket levels from general admission to VIP seating. This year they have what they call the Ultimate Rockstar ticket package which provides a...
  6. Les Gibson

    Got a win last night at little river

  7. Les Gibson

    1972 Dodge Colt

    The two independent tracks up here in Maine will let belts go for 5 years if they are in good shape with no visible signs of damage.
  8. Les Gibson

    Street Outlaw star dies in wreck.

    100% agree, and even though my Arrow hasn't hit 150mph with me driving it yet, it's close enough to that mark that I went ahead and got a head/neck restraint device for this season.
  9. Les Gibson

    Jon with a first round win at Vegas today.

    I've thought about getting one as well. I have a friend that races in a different class than I do, and he uses a weather station/ET predictor every round he runs. Last season I was heading into the semis and I was stumped as what to dial as I could feel the air changing. So my friend says...
  10. Les Gibson

    Here at the US131 opening day test and tune

    Last Thursday up here in the frozen tundra of Maine we were getting dumped on by a late season storm. Got 14 inches of snow at my place. Today it's beautiful clear skies and 60 degrees. Looks like spring has finally decided to show up. New England Dragway was going to open up this past...
  11. Les Gibson

    Bad wreck in pro stock at Arizona

    Camrie was back at the track on Sunday for the finals. TV guy asked her what happened and she said she has no idea and that she didn't remember the accident. Makes me worried that she has some kind of head trauma as well.
  12. Les Gibson

    Street Outlaw star dies in wreck.

    Being a fan of the Street Outlaws show the first time Cali Nate appeared on the show I thought he was nothing but another big mouth trash talker but then his performance behind the wheel justified the trash talk. In later appearances he was shown more helping other racers set up and tune their...
  13. Les Gibson

    Street Outlaw star dies in wreck.

    Cali Nate appeared in some of the Fastest in America and Mega Cash Days shows. He wasn't part of the regular Street Outlaws group.
  14. Les Gibson

    Pittsburgh car wash

    up here in the frozen tundra of Maine we're getting hammered by a Nor'easter, snowing to beat the band, wind howling and power out everywhere...
  15. Les Gibson

    the USS New Jersey battle ship.

    Underwater hull looks pretty good all things considered.
  16. Les Gibson

    the USS New Jersey battle ship.

    I remember this incident well. The Navy tried to blame Hartwig in an attempted CYA to cover up the disgraceful lack of training and following of safety protocols, processes and procedures. After 22 years of active service in the Navy I learned that 'big Navy' never admits fault to anything and...
  17. Les Gibson

    Special thanks to a few members

    I just had to have a root canal done a couple of weeks ago, but I'm lucky as my military retirement covers most of the cost. But then I had to go see my regular dentist to have the temporary filling replaced with a permanent one... simple right? but nooooooooo! My regular guy says there's some...
  18. Les Gibson

    NEW Road House Movie.

    The wife and I watched it this past Saturday night. It wasn't bad, nothing like the original, but not bad. McGregor was a riot!
  19. Les Gibson

    A and A Transmissions U R out of luck

    WTH!!! There's still Turbo Action in Jacksonville, FL.
  20. Les Gibson

    Enclosed trailer purchase!

    So instead of getting flooring installed in my trailer I pulled the trigger and traded for what I really wanted! 8.5 X 28 Covered Wagon with a fully finished interior, wired for generator/110, escape door that I can actually use to get in and out of the car. recessed E-Track, LED lighting inside...
  21. Les Gibson

    Which intake?

    The purpose of my post was to seek advice from anyone who have had experience running these manifolds. While I appreciate those who have responded, please no guess work. I can make a guess on my own. I'm looking for real world data on how these manifolds perform compared to each other.
  22. Les Gibson

    Which intake?

    Oh I do! It's not the first one I've had him build for me.
  23. Les Gibson

    Which intake?

    Good evening Mopar performance Gurus! Question for the group... I am swapping over from my Holley Pro Dominator tunnel ram/dual 850 carb setup to a single carb setup using a Dominic Thumper built 1050ish Dominator. I have a Mopar Performance M1 big runner W5 intake and a Indy 360 rectangular...
  24. Les Gibson

    Keystone Raceway park schedule and a few Summit 10% off codes

    We have two 1/8th mile tracks up here in the frozen tundra of Maine, New Oxford Dragway and Winterport Dragway. It seems there is one racer and his girlfriend who are on a mission to trash both tracks. He's a good racer in the street class at New Oxford Dragway, and for some reason he decided...
  25. Les Gibson

    I’m officially in both Ace races at Dragway 42

    Good luck John! Decided we're going to try our luck at Numidia Memorial weekend.
  26. Les Gibson

    Can i see your 1970-1972 Dart Race Cars.

    I no longer have this Dart, but this is how I painted it.
  27. Les Gibson

    Large RV Vs Semi flatbed

    I would be amazed if anyone survived that....
  28. Les Gibson

    Sounds like another track may be closing

    Yeah, the same crap has been going on with New England Dragway in New Hampshire over the winter. From what I can gather a couple of employees either quit or were fired ( including the head tech inspector and a long term top end guy) and the bad mouthing against track management was going on hot...
  29. Les Gibson

    Sounds like another track may be closing

    Looks like a really nice track, let's hope they're not closing. Nothing on the website other than 2024 schedule coming soon.
  30. Les Gibson

    Winter transmission builds

    you hit the nail on the head. The Arrow launches like a pro stock car, not as high launch RPM as they use, but fast, straight and with the front wheels just barely coming off the track surface. But I launch at a relatively low RPM and let the converter do its work. No point in stressing parts...