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    Door Windows on my 1972 Demon

    I am beginning to assemble the windows on my Demon and there are a bunch of hardware that goes inside. I have gotten both of the window assemblies inside both doors. Now its time for the glass. I have a new set of parts for the windows but I have never been down this road before. If anyone has...
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    Strut Rods Replacement

    I have to replace the lower strut rods on my 74 Dodge Dart. My question is do I have to remove the disc brake assembly when you take the lower arm off. Your input is welcome. Thank you in advanced.......................Ted
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    [Found!] 70/71 Dart /Demon Fender Extension Chrome Trim & Hood Trim

    I will get you a picture for it tomorrow (Saturday) Thank you.
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    [Found!] 70/71 Dart /Demon Fender Extension Chrome Trim & Hood Trim

    Are you looking for the chrome trim that goes on the hood?
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    [FOR SALE] Oil Pump for Small Blocks

    OK,it is yours. Please give me an address so I can go to the post office and get a shipping cost. Thanks.................Ted
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    [FOR SALE] Oil Pump for Small Blocks

    It is a stock style. Not an HV type. Ted
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    [FOR SALE] Dual Row Timing Chain and Gears. Fit Small Blocks

    Here is a dual row timing chain with a lower gear that has three adjustments. It fits mopar small block engines. It was in my motor for around five thousand miles. It is in perfect condition. This cost is $35. for it plus the shipping.
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    [FOR SALE] Oil Pump for Small Blocks

    Here is a oil pump for small blocks. It was in my motor for around five thousand miles. It is a stock style and it is in perfect shape. This is a Melling unit, made in USA. This is $30 for the pump, plus the shipping. Thank you...................Ted
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    Oil pump question

    Has any body ever had the luck finding the plugs for the relieve spring and valve. I've have only able to find a shorter style one. Before I want to put it in I just wanted to know from you guys and gals. Thanks..............Ted
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    Oil pan leaks

    This is on my 360 (now a 408). It has an aftermarket 6 quart pan. It has a problem with the front and rear seals leak. Does anybody have a way to seal it up. Thank you in advance.
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    checking cam lobe taper/nitriding lobes

    If you use the double valve springs leave the inside spring out for break in purposes.
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    [FOR SALE] Tailhousing for A body's

    OK It is clean. Send me a P.M.
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    [FOR SALE] Tailhousing for A body's

    I can not seem to get the PM clean. I will get in touch with you as soon as posible. Thanks.
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    [FOR SALE] Tailhousing for A body's

    This is a tailhousing for a bodys. It has the cast in number C-97477 on it. It uses the 307 bearing. It is $150 for the part plus the shipping. Thank you.
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    [FOR SALE] Trunk Lock for '73 and '74 A bodies and E

    Here is and trunk lock with one key and the nut. It fits 1973 an 74 A bodies. It also fits E bodies from 1973 and 74. It is for $45. for it and plus shipping. Thank you.
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    What will cause my float bowls to go dry

    OK Here is what I'm running. It is a Holley #4150 (750) and it was rebuilt with the Quick Fuel Tech. billet metering blocks on both sides. Here's the problem. When the car sits for a few days both of the bowls are dry. Even the pump is dry. And here's another thing. If you let the car sit for...
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    [FOR SALE] License Plate Light

    Here is a license plate light that was removed from a 1974 Duster. It is $45. for it and it's free for the shipping if you live in the lower 48 states. Contact me here.............Ted
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    [FOR SALE] Leather Jacket 1 of 50 made

    It is a XL size. I would say that it's around a 42 size. Ted
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    [FOR SALE] 750 boosters for 4500 "DOMINATOR " carb.

    These are for 4500 series carb. They were removed from a 750 style carb and replaced with the 1050 ones. They are brand new and never had gas pass them. The cost is $45. for the 4 of them, plus shipping will cost you also. Thank you.
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    [FOR SALE] Leather Jacket 1 of 50 made

    This is a very nice jacket. It is 1 of 50 made for S&S Cycle for their 50 years of progress. It has an S&S and a Mobil one on the front and a Mobil oil horse on the back of the jacket. It is $100 for the jacket plus the cost on shipping to you. Thank you.
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    [FOR SALE] 1973-76 Dart hardtop right side interior door handle

    I am pretty sure that I have one. Let me know and I will look for it. Thanks............Ted
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    Need Carb advice for new Big Block build.

    My 499 in my Demon.
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    [FOR SALE] Black and Decker 5/8 Drill

    Here is a Black and Decker drill. It has a 5/8 in. chuck. This is used but its in nice shape. $95. Plus the shipping. Thanks.....................Ted
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    I just put a set of Thrust Turbo Muffler 17715 on my Dart Sport. They were very nice. They have a good sound and they were very affordable. Ted
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    My project so far!

    Nice. Looks good so far. Ted
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    [FOR SALE] Piston Ring Compressor Set

    For Sale is a set of pliers and the skits that fit the piston. It is in perfect condition. There are 6 piston sizes from 2 7/8 to 4 3/8. It is $50. plus the shipping to you. Thanks........Ted
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    499 Demon

    Well it has been a bunch of years working on this car and finally it runs and drives. It has been up and downs for both of us, but it came around. It really still needs a lot of work on it but it runs and it is now licensed to drive it on the street. I'll attach some photo's in the near future...
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    Is there a difference of length on the 904 transmission dip stick

    Is there a chart or does someone would know the difference of dip sticks. My tranny seems to be a little low but the stick says that its almost overfull. Thanks....
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    Tires for street and drag racing

    This is great. Lots of useful stuff. Keep it cumming. Thank you...........Ted
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    Tires for street and drag racing

    I am going to buy a new set of rear tires and I wanted to hear from you guy and gals on your tires. Currently I am running 275/60/15 Goodrich tires and these are the worst for the track. They will spin on the launch every time. My car is a 74 Dodge Dart Sport with a 408 engine. Thank you...