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    520 cube BBM MotorTrend

    Had a 528 cu in made 844hp at 7200 684 tq at 5600 13.5 to 1 741 lift cam with tunnel ram 2 1000 cfm carbs 440-1 heads. New motor 572 cu in 877 hp at 7200 738 tq at 5500 14.5 to 1 693 lift cam same heads and intake set up
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    Got mine from napa years ago for dodge truck, lifetime warranty. Have replaced it several times over the years. 528 cu in 14.0 compression turns over no problem.
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    Custom Pushrod ordering

    Ask for Al Perkins at manton He can definitely help you out. Been using their push rods for years. Tell Al, Tom Roschen sent you
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    Milodon deep pan

    Back in the 80's on my 74 duster I put longer bumpers on the a-arms so they hit before the pan hit the ground. Problem solved. That way you can run any pan you want to. Didn't have the pan choices back then you do now. Good luck with the build.
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    Anyone use the Billet timing cover from ARE engineering solid Roller ?

    I sent you a private message, hope I did it right so you get the phone number. Or go to racing junk under engine parts mopar
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    Anyone use the Billet timing cover from ARE engineering solid Roller ?

    There's a company on racing junk [under mopar engine parts] selling billet timing covers for $300.00 ask for Josh. I've seen their part and it looks awesome. You might want to check it out and save $50.00. Tell Josh, Tom sent you.
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    Oil pan choices

    Check out Milodon I have been running their pans for years. They have many different sizes and shapes.