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    Easiest headers to install?

    Some awesome old photo's of Gary's cars. Thank's Mike. He built my motors until He retired. Tom
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    will this be ok for my /6

    I went with a split header, dual 2 1/4 inch pipes all the way, with thrush mufflers on a stock 225/6 with a 2bbl.. Works great and sounds even better.
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    headers for a slant six

    Go with the Y pipe if you want single. I went with the X pipe and duals because I like the looks and it sounds awesome.
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    Pro Parts headers

    I'm on my 2nd set of Pro Parts headers, my 1st set lasted 14yrs. and the 2nd set are 8yrs old and still look good. The thing I like about them is starter clearance and room for a normal size front tire. I think the price is about half of a new set.
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    who made these headers?

    The headers you have are from Pro Parts. I have a set just like you described.