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    Oldest and Youngest Members

    Will be 83 in Nov. The longest we have owned a Mopar is from 1982 when I bought my youngest son a 73 Cuda which was well worn. We restored it and he used it as a daily driver for several years. It's currently stored and he plans on another restoration of it in the future. Other Mopars we own...
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    Why are there so few blown small blocks?

    Unfortunately I only got 2 passes and neither were very good. I didn't even keep the time slips. I ran up against a family imposed age limit and didn't see any sense in working on it further. I'm going to go back to NA with carb and probably put the race car up for sale. It should run hi 9's...
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    Why are there so few blown small blocks?

    A pic of my car with front end installed. My favorite pic. The reason I had to move my engine up 2" and 2" forward is because of my poor engineering skills when I designed my new K for installation for my Lamb struts and R&P steering. My rear sump deep truck oil pan was almost dragging the...
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    Joined an unwelcome but not unexpected club this week

    Wait until you have to take 5 of them per day!!
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    Don't skimp on the insurance. One of my wife nephews bought a cabinet door business from her brother, going business made a ton of money. Recently after one of the Louisiana storms his insurance raised his rates after paying for his damage. He thought it was too much so he cancelled...
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    Head gasket bore diameter vs block bore diameter??

    I see my post actually asked about compression, my bad!! I'm not concerned about calculating compression or thickness. I'm really asking about the best from a physical size point of view.
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    Head gasket bore diameter vs block bore diameter??

    My block is bored to 4.100 and many gaskets are either 4.125 or 4.180. Which is best for a compression of 13:1 and either .050 or .060 thickness??
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    My Dr recommended it for my pain but I never did buy any.
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    [WANTED] Any W2, 5, 7, 8 or 9 stuff for sale out there?

    Started conversation, no response!!
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    Warranty Block?

    No cam companies offer them and the last time I checked no lifter manufacturers made them either and would not make a special set. It cost so much to sleeve the lifter bores that the block has been resting on an engine stand for years.
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    Warranty Block?

    The best I can tell it was cast on 2/8/72. There is no tag riveted to the block. All 16 lifters are oversize. Mopar used to sell oversize lifters. When I bought 16 for this engine about 85 or 86 there were only 52 in inventory. Unobtainable now.
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    Warranty Block?

    How to tell if block is warranty block? I have a 340 block with no numbers on drivers side along pan rail. It does have numbers stamped in front below drivers side head. I can't read them but they look like they are double stamped. Also stamped is the dreaded horizontal diamond. Is this a...
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    Yet AGAIN more W2 360 talk

    Monitor, shut this mess down!! This kind of crap is one of the reasons there are so few users of this site now. Recall how many there used to be??
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    Would there be a market for QUALITY fiberglass parts?

    A few years ago a guy in my state started making A Body FG parts. His prices were good and his first products were apparently good quality. He started getting so many orders that he got behind more and more. In trying to catch up his quality started falling off and it wasn't too long before...
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    [WANTED] Early 170

    A little later but I have a 6cyl & auto in my 68 that you can have if you help me remove it. Might even consider throwing in k member and front suspension. Engine & trans will need rebuilding. Alexandria, LA.
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    Attempting to find header gaskets.

    I have a few Mopar W2 exhaust gaskets if you're interested.
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    [WANTED] drag car

    Keith in box is full can't send info!!!
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    Keith inbox is full!!!

    Keith inbox is full!!!
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    Edelbrock SBM big valve heads on clearance

    Going back and looking at the pictures again the exhaust ports definitely are not Large Port Commando.
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    Edelbrock SBM big valve heads on clearance

    That part no is for a Large Port Commando. If so W2/5 rockers will work just fine.
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    Guys/Gals: I need your paint restoration advice!

    I bought a black car that had a coat of over spray over the entire thing. I didn't even notice it until I did some heavy polishing. I eventually cut the over spray with a fine polishing compound. It took me some time but it looked fantastic once completed.
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    My cousin a rocket sientist

    Supersonic does not have a very good record in the US. It should definitely be better in modern times. Remember the SR-71 was built in the 60's and we lost almost 1/3 built. Traveling at that speed is exciting but I believe it will be many years before it is commercially viable. Just wait...
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    What Have We Become?

    Avispa, what plane is that?
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    [FOR SALE] 67 Barracuda notch

    How about a couple pictures from the rear??
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    R5P7, Any Interest??

    Looking for 2 people INTERESTED in purchasing a used freshened NASCAR R5P7 engine. Have contact with guy with three, 358ci, fully dressed except exhaust and carb. They are 830hp with 0 laps, 832hp with 0 laps and 837hp with 20 laps. Would love to make deal on purchasing all 3 but can't do it...
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    Something stole the Turtle Eggs!!!!

    The other morning I walked out on my patio and a 7" green turtle was backed up against the patio digging a hole. I moved away because I didn't want to scare her. I checked later and she had laid the eggs and covered them up. A couple days later I noticed that something had been around the...
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    Neutral balance to a 360 crank?

    I've got a 360 crank that is internally balanced, was done yrs ago. Don't remember the cost.
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    Can headliner be installed with glass in?

    Please understand there are some wrinkles that will not come out I think it's fantastic when you can get them all out. Just mist the material and let it dry on it's own. Sometime it must be done more than once. Let it absolutely dry between applications. I have also seen some ruined by...