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  1. cosgig

    Heart Attack

    You’re in my prayers bud, hoping for The best outcome possible.
  2. cosgig

    Racing Fuel

    The new store here in Pinckney has 110 VP gas, and my car is loving it. We’re about 20 min north of Ann Arbor. The Sunoco station at Territorial and 23 stocks 110 during the summer, that’s about 5 minutes north of Ann Arbor. I would call first tho, to make sure they have it.
  3. cosgig

    69 AMX

    My buddy has been searching for an AMX like the one he had when he was younger. His major stipulation was that it be a Mark Donahue edition in either blue or butterscotch. Low and behold, I find this car in Hell, Michigan, about 4 miles from our town. We went to look at it, and by the next day...
  4. cosgig

    Front and rear screen seals - quality matters

    Just guessing here, but with a super expensive rear piece, it must be a 65/66 hard top? If so, the rear is not being reproduced for either year as far as I know. But I would use Steele Rubber products for the front, and pray like hell the rear can be reused. If it’s any other year, Steele is...
  5. cosgig

    best hi flow ex manifold/drivers side

    I don’t believe any of those manifolds will fit into an early A body and clear the steering shaft and frame rail on the drivers side. Maybe a post from @Treblig can shed some light on this.
  6. cosgig

    Been awhile

    The “what’s the biggest tire I can fit under my________” is still raging on, so if you need help with that, we’re thinking of making a sticky out of that. Should be about 400 pages long! Glad to have you back with us, you can relax and be among friends here. Sorry to hear about your trials in...
  7. cosgig

    340 exhaust heat shield needed for Van's to repop.

    He showed me the piece, it was either already in production, or he was ready to pop them out. He was just asking me what price I would pay for them, and if his target price was too high. I believe his target price was $189, at the time I thought that was pretty high for essentially what is...
  8. cosgig

    340 exhaust heat shield needed for Van's to repop.

    My buddy Tom Weidman was repopping these about 5 years ago. He worked for Mancini and was trying to get them to stock them. He showed me the prototype, but I’ve not seen them for sale….ever. Wonder what happened?
  9. cosgig

    Parts Cache

    That’s a lot of heavy items, most not shippable. However, there’s a lot of good stuff there, and probably worth the $20k, and enough left over to make a profit. But with the engines, you’re looking at pickup only, unless you plan on a lot of freight shipping. At $20k, I would probably pass...
  10. cosgig

    Old cluster bombs

    Naw, but we did miss you! Glad to have you back among us!
  11. cosgig

    [WANTED] 66 Cuda Headlight Bezels

    This is a Valiant bezel on my 66 Cuda. The inner lip is not a deep as a Barracuda bezel, and it has a slight scallop on that side because the bezel is meant to sit flat on the Valiant grille, and the scallop matches up to one of the fins. I have a couple of undented Barracuda bezels, but the...
  12. cosgig

    No Valiant Love?

    That little car sure is turning out nice!
  13. cosgig

    No Valiant Love?

    Holy smokes! I say that little red car sure grew up through the years!
  14. cosgig

    all I have to say is when buying an old car dont trust anyone about its history

    Usually, you don’t need any verbal history about a car to assess what it is, or what it’s not. Cars tell their own tales, and anybody with some knowledge of Mopars can quickly determine things like color, engine size, and possible options based on that info. There are clues all over cars that...
  15. cosgig

    No Valiant Love?

    My little commando convertible 66 Signet. It’s a fun little car, and I might take it up to the cruise tomorrow evening, it’s supposed to be 71 degrees here. Spring has finally sprung here in the Mitten.
  16. cosgig


    Thats not the way things go in my house. We are a team, and we both do our share. I do most of the grilling, if only because my wife doesn’t register the cooking times and temperature as well as I do. But I also do my fair share of the periphery items as well. I went to school to be a chef, and...
  17. cosgig

    67 barracuda dash refinishing?

    GCAR did mine, and the glovebox trim and A pillar mouldings, which are chromed in 1967 convertibles. He also polished the lenses and included new red and green lenses. There was quite a waiting list, but very hood communication along the way.
  18. cosgig

    Post your self portraits!

    So, not the most recent pic, but this is my daughter and I in our FABO shirts. Cosgig and Cudagirl at your service!
  19. cosgig

    64 barracuda 273

    You’d be well served using Doug’s Headers or TTI’s on anything you put back in the engine bay. Otherwise that 4bbl will be pretty much a one way street.
  20. cosgig

    [WANTED] 62 ply

    If you’re looking for a Fury, this one can be had in Michigan, close to the Ohio border.
  21. cosgig

    Its official. Im too old.

    Well, I wasn’t going to mention it, but……
  22. cosgig

    Parting out A-Bodies

    Since fenders are a one year only design for 69 Barracudas, and the same for 67/68, they would need to make 2 separate molds to cover all 3 years. Now, the hardest part to find for 67-69 Barracudas would be the trunk extensions, or “drops”, which would fit all 3 years and are non existent in the...
  23. cosgig

    FED EX.......WTF

    Still waiting on that early A body trans crossmember that Rani sent me about 6 years ago. Should be here any day now! :)
  24. cosgig

    Anyone know about International Scouts???

    If you get it I’ll put you in touch with the Scout guru, Nick Rayer. He’s been doing scouts for decades now and knows everything about them there is to know. He has at least a dozen of them. I went to school with him and he still lives in our town.
  25. cosgig

    My Dad's 67 Satellite- A bittersweet day

    I’m knid of tearing up hearing this, and smiling at the same time. Sad because your Dad is fighting Parkinson’s, and happy because he is fighting. He’s doing your Mom and his family a great service by taking care of things while he still can, and moving his prize possessions into safe and sound...
  26. cosgig

    Hey Mopar people!

    Wow, great car brother! Welcome to FABO, you’ve come to the right place!
  27. cosgig

    Long Time Lurker Finally Saying Hello

    What a great story, and a great introduction of you and your car. I hope the new drivetrain gets done in time for the 66, for you and abodyjoe, it would make the trip much more enjoyable. Welcome to the site, glad to have you among us.
  28. cosgig

    Mopar Guy From Birth to Death

    Welcome Racer, good to have you with us. That sounds like a great bunch of cars to grow up with. I’m rather partial to that 70 Roadrunner, but the new Dart sounds like a great ride too. Settle in and maybe share some pics when you can, we would love to see your projects and cruisers.
  29. cosgig

    76 breaks problem

    Those look like 1 3/4” shoes, but since you have disc up front, you should have a LBP 7 1/4” rear, and that would use the more common 10x2.5” brakes. Looks like you have a mismatch there.
  30. cosgig

    1967 Barracuda upper and lower trunk trim help.

    Unless things have changed, the only piece available in the aftermarket is the lower piece, which happened by accident. It was Joel from Metro Parts that decided to repop this piece, although he thought that both the upper and lower were the same. Luckily, he had a nice lower to use as a...