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    Overheating on run stand

    Will your fan, shroud combo suck a piece of cardboard to the front of the radiator and hold it there while running? If not you need more airflow. And guessing at the timing is a recipe for disaster when breaking it in, get a light on it instantly after fire up and pull 40 degrees in at 3000rpm...
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    372" 1972 Dart

    @HuntedDuckV351 What rear suspension setup is on the green car?
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    2024 14th Annual FABO NHRA "Pick 'Em" Game - It's NITRO Burnin' Time Again!!!

    Thank you. Had an emergency at work and forgot. I appreciate it.
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    Lean idle. Rich cruise.

    Great post
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    340 Oil Priming Question First Start

    Yup solid lifter.
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    340 Oil Priming Question First Start

    There are a few different styles of retaining clips in hydraulic lifters my pic was just an example. What you have sure looks like a hydraulic to me but the pics are not clear enough to tell for sure. Don’t assume, be 100% sure of what you have because how you adjust them will matter. And I...
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    340 Oil Priming Question First Start

    Hydraulic lifters will have a retaining clip in the top of em. Pretty easy to identify. Solids will not. You can peek down with a flashlight and see it through a pushrod hole even with the intake on. Another way to tell is take a pushrod and seat it in the lifter and push down on it. You’ll get...
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    340 Oil Priming Question First Start

    273 banana groove shafts. It’s pretty easy to duplicate the groove with a dremel and a thin cutting disk. Might be easier if you don’t have the tools to buy a set of shafts. They come up for sale quite often.
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    7875 + 5.9 + E85 + Megasquirt

    Sounds exactly like you’re blowing through the converter. What fluid was in the trans? You could try hygard and see if it tightens up the converter if you just had atf in it.
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    Hilborn Fuel injection - small block Mopar

    Hell ya brother! That car is awesome!
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    Where to go next?

    Go a little further north up highway 1 to Big Sur if you haven’t been.
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    340 Oil Priming Question First Start

    Those are 273 adjustable iron rockers. That’s a good rocker and about perfect for your application. There are two oil holes in them and you want to run a wire through each one to make sure they’re clear. Then do all the holes in the shaft.
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    73 Duster build named Fred

    The shark tooth grille will seal the deal. 9.999 here you come!!!
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    340 Oil Priming Question First Start

    And hope the camshaft survives also. :lol:
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    340 Oil Priming Question First Start

    It was just a suggestion, not a necessity. If after 2 minutes of priming with the oil timing lined up on a dry engine, you get no oil, there is definitely something wrong. If you only ran the drill for 10-15 seconds you might wonder “did I run it long enough to fill an empty rocker shaft?”
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    340 Oil Priming Question First Start

    Yup, so start by finding TDC compression number one, then roll the motor over forward 380 degrees.
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    340 Oil Priming Question First Start

    Find TDC compression number one. Then roll the motor backwards 90 degrees.
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    340 Oil Priming Question First Start

    And even if he gets the rocker shafts off, he still has to find the correct oil timing before oil will come up through the head.
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    340 Oil Priming Question First Start

    From the front of the engine counting backwards.
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    340 Oil Priming Question First Start

    Have you tried setting the crank at the positions noted above in post 21? As said by others, some aftermarket cams are drilled differently but MOST are not. Set the crank at 90 degrees BTDC on number 1 compression, run drill for 2 minutes. Passenger side should oil. Rotate crank to 20 degrees...
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    Is 20W-50 too heavy for my 340?

    That is exactly the answer I was hoping you wouldn’t give.
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    '69 Barracuda T56 swap, floor, cross member

    Your car came out beautiful and your work, attention to detail, to stick the 6 speed in really shows in the final product. Very, very nice.
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    Partial rainout works in my favor

    Gettin it done. There are many ways. Congrats on being in the money.
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    When is a new car "yours"?

    Mine aren’t mine until they get a turbo. :thumbsup:
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    Should I be feeling more power?

    The small block Torker intake is a turd. Put an rpm air gap on it and it’ll pick up a bunch of low end.
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    New Mancini Timing Cover Fitment Issue

    I didn’t really measure anything. Just set the ruler on there for reference
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    New Mancini Timing Cover Fitment Issue

    Magnum cover (blue) next to an early LA cover.