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  1. AlaskaJeff

    What Are You Doing To/With Your Car Today?

    Got my 70 out of hibernation and took it to the first local show here in Alaska.
  2. AlaskaJeff

    [FOR SALE] Old School Moroso & Edelbrock Blue anodized Valve covers and air cleaner tins w/ extras

    I've got one set of Moroso and one set of Edelbrock blue anodized classic 80's valve covers. They are both driver quality with the usual nicks and scrapes found in items this age. The Edelbrock set was treated to an amateur repaint at some time. I also have 2 Moroso breathers. AND a set of 14"...
  3. AlaskaJeff

    [FOR SALE] 70-71 Duster Driver Side Taillight lens ONLY

    I have a decent shape driver quality taillight lens for the driver side. One small (as pictured) missing section of the side edge. No other cracks or flaws. It was on my car for almost a year before I realized that it wasn't whole. Being on the lower corner lens section it's hardly noticeable...
  4. AlaskaJeff

    1970 Valiant Duster Go wing option?

    Was the rear Go Wing an option on the 1970 Valiant Duster? Or did the wing (and scoops) become options for the first time on the 71? I've always read and heard that 71 was the first year they were available.
  5. AlaskaJeff

    No Valiant Love?

    OK how about my 70 Valiant Duster with a 69 grill... :p
  6. AlaskaJeff

    Firs time mopar owner from Finland - Plymout Duster 1970

    Thanks, the picture is at Alaska Raceway Park, the ONLY dragstrip in the state. AND it's NHRA certified. Oh yeah there are LOTS of uses for studded tires here in the winter. Most classic owners in AK hibernate their cars in the winter.
  7. AlaskaJeff

    Firs time mopar owner from Finland - Plymout Duster 1970

    Welcome from Alaska USA and another 70 Valiant Duster owner.
  8. AlaskaJeff

    [WANTED] 360 FOUR BARREL Hood Emblems

    Anyone got a set they are willing to part with?
  9. AlaskaJeff

    Random pictures thread

    My newest Mopar
  10. AlaskaJeff

    Random pictures thread

    Fairbanks Alaska 1997 -25F pulling the 318 out of my 74 WarWagon outside........Ah to be young & dumb again.
  11. AlaskaJeff

    Random pictures thread

    My new (to me) Mopar and 5th wheel. Purchased in Boise and driven to Alaska last August.
  12. AlaskaJeff

    Duster Fender mounted turn signal location.

    Pigtails are the plugs at the end of the wiring that plugs into the signals wires. Many manufacturers over the years have done this for various accessories in their vehicles. Like a set of driving lights on a newer car. it didn't come with them, but the wiring is there if the new owner wants to...
  13. AlaskaJeff

    Duster Fender mounted turn signal location.

    Not sure. My 70 did not have them factory installed, BUT did have the pigtails in the fenders. And the flasher speed seems fine.
  14. AlaskaJeff

    Duster Fender mounted turn signal location.

    Nice to see another 70 sporting the Veight badges :thumbsup: How about the Valiant badges?
  15. AlaskaJeff

    Hello A body guys!!

    Welcome from Alaska USA. You are in the right place for help:thumbsup:
  16. AlaskaJeff

    Early 273 intake compatibility

    Well now, there sure is a mixed bag of advise given, running the spectrum from: "Yeah it should be fine" TO "Don't use it" :eek: Pretty typical with our group here though. I usually take ALL advise and suggestions into consideration and then make up my mind. FYI it would be going on a mild...
  17. AlaskaJeff

    Early 273 intake compatibility

    Thanks guys. So the ports size isn't an issue? Just the bolt hole angles?
  18. AlaskaJeff

    8 3/4 rear end identification

    Some 8 3/4 have a round tag on one of the carrier studs that calls for sure grip additive. And BTW there is no cover to remove on an 8 3/4, it's a 3rd member carrier chunk like a Ford 9"
  19. AlaskaJeff

    Early 273 intake compatibility

    I've got a chance to pick up an Offenhauser 360 dual quad intake that was made for an early 273 small block. The seller states that it was modified to fit later 318-360 engines. What exactly should I look for? How will the modifications be evident? OR is it even possible?
  20. AlaskaJeff

    [Found!] Carrier with 2.94’s

    I have a 741 case with 3.23 open gears. Unfortunately I'm in Alaska
  21. AlaskaJeff

    Pics of Duster/Demon with +2” rear springs.

    Here is my 70 with what appear to be older SS springs. I'm running 275/60-15's on 10" rims with 4.5 bs
  22. AlaskaJeff

    First time classic car owner

    Welcome to the MOPAR family. You are for sure in the right place for everything A Body you could ever imagine. That car looks very nice overall. You will find that there is ALWAYS something that needs attention with muscle cars, just the nature of the beast. It's not a bad thing just keeps you...
  23. AlaskaJeff

    Duster expertise please!

    This code is very interesting: C4L3: Trim - Charger, Vinyl Split Bench Seat, Parchment. Not to mention all the unknown codes? Maybe a broadcast sheet under the rear seat?
  24. AlaskaJeff

    Duster expertise please!

    Mopar Fender Tag Decoder After doing some research there were some numbers not coming up with anything. What does the VIN tag on the dash say?
  25. AlaskaJeff

    Duster expertise please!

    WOW! That is veery well optioned car. Yeah, the paint is NOT factory. As far as the fender tag. You can google "Mopar fender tag decoding" and find all about it.
  26. AlaskaJeff

    [Found!] Rear Bumper mount hitch for 70 Duster

    Interesting, I am wondering what the rusted piece at the end of the bar mounts to?
  27. AlaskaJeff

    [Found!] Rear Bumper mount hitch for 70 Duster

    Anyone out there got a trailer hitch that fits a 70 Duster. Like this possibly?