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  1. gilberttitan08

    [Found!] Holley EFI fuel pump, fuel filters, misc.

    Hey guys selling my Holley 12-170 fuel pump 100 GPH, Holley 162-551 100 micron fuel filter, K-Motor 10 micron fuel filter and fuel regulator with pressure gauge, and auto meter 9117 tach adapter. Had it on my 71 POWERWAGON Gen III Hemi, Relocated my gas tank under bed with a Tanks Inc gas tank...
  2. gilberttitan08

    Gen lll hemi install in a 67 barracuda

    Holley has a lot of options for A body swaps, I was shocked that they had options (engine mounts, transmission mounts, and oil pans for my 71 POWERWAGON, I went with Holley terminator x with for my truck Gen III hemi. Pricey but easy installations and user friendly. My truck has space for days...
  3. gilberttitan08

    [WANTED] 67,68,69 barracuda flip gas cap patch panel

    Hey guys and girls, I am looking for a 67,68,69 barracuda flip gas cap patch panel and filler neck. I’m in Hollister Ca. 95023. Would like to convert my dodge pick up to flip gas cap and relocate gas tank. Thank you all!
  4. gilberttitan08

    holley terminator x tuning for 5.7 hemi

    It will need a fine tune. It does learn on its own. You gotta set parameters on when it starts to learn. I’m having a hard time fine tuning cold starts. But other than that truck runs great. Holley sets these ECU’s to run a little in the rich side. Dialing it in professionally or taking the time...
  5. gilberttitan08

    holley terminator x tuning for 5.7 hemi

    It was a breeze to be honest, instructions made it dummy proof. Effective grounding of the ecu is crucial. Every harness end was labeled to ensure proper connection. Uploading software and firmware was the only tricky part, but having a basic understanding of their terminology and their function...
  6. gilberttitan08

    holley terminator x tuning for 5.7 hemi

    Hey guys did a 5.7 hemi swap. Truck runs great, just looking to do some tuning to get to run right. Running a Holley Terminator X, any one in the California Bay area?
  7. gilberttitan08

    46rh issues

    Gotcha! Both my lock up and overdrive solenoid grounds were melted onto the exhaust pipe and grounding and activating the solenoids, they were always activated, the only problem I got now is the overdrive is solenoid is turning on and off, gonna inspect the connector. Hopefully it’s not a...
  8. gilberttitan08

    46rh issues

    Hey guys, looking for a transmission tech that can help with 46rh issues, after a year of running I’m getting early shifting, won’t down shift when slowing down and coming to a stop, transmission acts as it wants to stall at a stop, then downshifts late at stop and idles fine, when driving at...
  9. gilberttitan08

    [SOLD] 89 Chrysler Fifth Avenue w/ custom built 318 -- take it before I junk it

    damn she's beaut! if it wasn't for California emissions, I'd be all over it!
  10. gilberttitan08

    2013 5.7 Gen III HEMI timing questions

    Gotcha, this is a stock 5.7 hemi in my POWERWAGON with terminator X. I did keep the MDS and VVT, yes I’m using my stock AF metering numbers.
  11. gilberttitan08

    2013 5.7 Gen III HEMI timing questions

    Yeah, that’s what I’m worried about. Doesn’t quiet sound right. Asking around and trying to do research.
  12. gilberttitan08

    2013 5.7 Gen III HEMI timing questions

    Setting up timing on my Holley terminator x, ignition timing is set at 15°, timing at idle is 12°, timing at cruise is 35.3°, and ignition at WOT is 12.0°. Stock fuel injectors, does this sound about right?
  13. gilberttitan08

    Holley Terminator X Gen III Hemi hard starts.

    Yes, I corrected it. Since I’m using a GM throttle body. Re-wiring was necessary. Had to swap two IAC coils leads, from a Chrysler to GM configuration. Then crank position sensor had no feedback, changed that out and immediate start. Had to adjust IAC, seeing 0-1 now.
  14. gilberttitan08

    Holley Terminator X Gen III Hemi hard starts.

    Good morning guys, did a Gen III hemi swap on my POWERWAGON, ‘13 5.7 Hemi. Went with a 92mm Holley sniper cable throttle body and Holley sniper fabricated intake manifold. After setting software and firmware, went through the GCF wizard for a base calibration. Engine fired up after few cranks...
  15. gilberttitan08

    [SOLD] Thermal and inspection camera.

    Hey gang. Selling a FLIR C5 Wi-Fi camera and Rack a Tiers inspection Wi-Fi camera with LED light. No longer need and time to let go. They came in handy in my field of work electrical automation. Asking 500 shipped.
  16. gilberttitan08

    [SOLD] Electrical tools

    Good morning gang, selling some tools from the trade (electrical). These are tools I no longer use and time to pass on. Fluke 87III, Extech laser tachometer, and an Ideal 61-520 3 phase rotation meter. They are in working order. Asking 160 shipped.
  17. gilberttitan08

    What are you welding with?

    Stacking dimes here in California with JB Weld!!!
  18. gilberttitan08

    anyone put power windows in their 69 dart?

    No, but I converted my crew cab power wagon to power window and locks. Was cake.
  19. gilberttitan08

    [SOLD] 77 360 LA

    OBO will be getting pulled by the end of the month.
  20. gilberttitan08

    [SOLD] 71 dodge sweptline parts

    Hey guys and gals, selling misc parts off my 71 POWERWAGON, just sitting collecting dust and have no need for these parts. Headlight rings that are in very good shape, no dings or dent, just a few scratches. Window cranks (4) that came came off my crewcab (went power windows). Parking brake...
  21. gilberttitan08

    [SOLD] Holley Red Fuel Pump.

    Hey guys and gals, selling my brand new, electric Holley Red Fuel Pump #12-801-1 max pressure is 7 psi at 12v/2 amp draw and Mopar Voltage Regulator P-3690731, all never been used. Asking 150 shipped, from Hollister Ca. 95023.
  22. gilberttitan08

    [SOLD] 77 360 LA

    It’s a 71 crew cab short bed.
  23. gilberttitan08

    [SOLD] 77 360 LA

    Yes, hooker headers, not sure of the part number.
  24. gilberttitan08

    [SOLD] 77 360 LA

    Hey guys and gals, selling my 77 360LA engine, pulling engine out by the end of the next month and definitely needs a new home. Engine is fully rebuilt with less than 4k miles since rebuilt, rebuilt the engine myself with machine work done by Midway engine builders in Salinas Ca. Engine comes...
  25. gilberttitan08

    [FOR SALE] 5.7 hemi misc parts.

    Selling 2015 5.7 hemi parts that came off a wrecked challenger. Bought the engine for a Gen III hemi swap. Got extra parts I don’t need. Valve covers, intake manifold, and flexplate. Asking 150 local pick up only, located in Hollister Ca 95023 unless you’re willing to pay for shipping.