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  1. lemondana

    Sanden A/C Compressor to fit a 273

    So-is the 273 in a 69 or earlier car with the cast iron water pump? If so, all above suggestions are for the 70 up aluminum setups, everything is different. Vintage Air has a kit for the 69 and down, part number 161004.
  2. lemondana

    Mopar Action magazine

    I wondered why I hadn't got one in a while.
  3. lemondana

    360 vs 383

    The 440-3.23 B bodiies were top enders in my neck of the woods. These were about the only cars that we would outrun the State Patrol in. In 1970 the county I lived in-the County Sheriff and 3 or 4 Deputies drove 70 Charger R/T's and Coronet R/T's, all with 440 and 3.23 gears. I once heard...
  4. lemondana

    My Luck

    That's why I didn't have kids.
  5. lemondana

    When is a new car "yours"?

    When it's completely paid for.
  6. lemondana

    2.76 vs 2.94 gearing

    You said freway driving, that means 2.76. My 67 Dart 273 2bbl 2.71 gears, 225-70-15 rear tires. Get 20-21 mpg. A big help would be the A&A Transmission part throttle kickdown kit, it helps drivability a bunch. .
  7. lemondana

    What to use when drying off car after wash?

    Run it down the highway about 130 for 5 or 6 miles. :rofl:
  8. lemondana

    My 340 getting 6 mpg

    Put 2.76 gears in it. :rofl:
  9. lemondana

    440 emblems for hood scoops

    These look big and clunky on the hood scoops compared to the correct ones.
  10. lemondana

    My Luck

    Stupid leftist city slickers would try to pet them!
  11. lemondana

    Engine Crane Boom Upgrade

    I see you have a swivel on your hook-makes life a lot easier-doesn't it?
  12. lemondana

    Early Barracuda Back Glass

    If anyone needs a nice back glass for an early Barracuda, there is one in the Lincoln NE U Pull It. I didn't know if they reproduce them or not. You would have to be fairly close I assume.
  13. lemondana

    "gripper pattern" u bolt question

    AMK has the correct u bolts, two different lengths. I have seen a couple axle tubes pinched by the round u bolts. I like to use the gripper kind.
  14. lemondana

    My Luck

    Like purple micro-dot?
  15. lemondana

    Do I wait for the 5 speed?

    I'm glad you got on here. We have a lot of new members on here and your story should be brought to the top every once in awhile. Sorry for everything you went thru. A lot of guys over on FBBO seem to really like ole Jammie, to bad for them.
  16. lemondana

    Do I wait for the 5 speed?

    I wouldn't do any business with Passon. There is a 19 page post on here about the A855-5 Speed by Matthon. It's about all the **** he had to go thru. You better sit down and take the time to read all 19 pages. It started on Aug 26, 2019- Nov 11, 2023. It might save you some grief!
  17. lemondana

    Another 904 trans ID

    i have the part numbers from those 5 year 999'2. In 78 was the first year for lockup, so they came either way that year. And after that I don't know.
  18. lemondana

    Another 904 trans ID

    I have 4 999's from 74-78 Cordoba's and Magnums, and they all have the PK numbers on them. Sometimes they didn't get the stamping very deep, like can't see it at all.
  19. lemondana

    sb collant leak at timing cover??

    I have found that the blue Fel-Pro timing cover gasket have more of a tendency to leak than the black ones do. Take it for what it is worth.
  20. lemondana

    86 Black Roller 318, swap/interchange into 72 318

    You can't use the 72 heads on the 86 block if you are using the factory style roller cam. The roller cam heads have a .660 diameter pushrod hole while the flat tappet blocks had a .500 diameter pushrod hole. The roller lifters are longer, requiring shorter pushrods which puts them at more of an...
  21. lemondana

    86 Black Roller 318, swap/interchange into 72 318

    I bought a 72 Barracuda from an old girl friend many moons ago. I got it real cheap, 318-broken crank. that is the only one I have ever seen.
  22. lemondana

    Polka polka nights

    That, and the pretty big-boobed German girls.
  23. lemondana

    Polka polka nights

    I'd give anything to be 30 years younger and go to the Oktoberfest in Munich.
  24. lemondana

    Polka polka nights

    When I was a kid, I hated Polka-my mom always listened to it on Saturdays. She was German on both sides, so I guess. Then about 30 some years ago, I started getting interested in WW2 and the Big Band music didn't seem so bad. I actually like it now. So GO girl-have fun!
  25. lemondana

    86 Black Roller 318, swap/interchange into 72 318

    Partly because roller cam retrofit to a non roller cam block is more expensive. Solid roller will be most expensive. It all depends what you have planned for the car. If I was using a 318, I would use a hydraulic roller cam. If you use your 86 block, just buy a cam for that and stock replacement...
  26. lemondana

    Thinking of moving to Florida in the next year

    You say partly because of political climate in Oregon. I assume you will vote red in Florida. Good luck on your decision. There's nothing more shitty than someone from a blue state moving to a red state and continue to vote blue.
  27. lemondana

    86 Black Roller 318, swap/interchange into 72 318

    Be better to use the 86 block, should be a roller cam engine.
  28. lemondana

    [SOLD] 318, 340 C. I. D. Small Block, Engine Mount Brackets.

    The long straight one is the right side-B,C, and E body 383-440, 66-72. The 383-440 mounts have longer legs.
  29. lemondana

    My Luck

    No offence meant.