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  1. Righty Tighty

    Getting there!

    Beautiful. Do you have a build thread?
  2. Righty Tighty

    Sometimes it’s hot out

    She needs to be on a spit, slathered in BBQ sauce.
  3. Righty Tighty

    Thanks slantsixdan!

    Got mine yesterday. Even came with breath mints for after I manually prime it!
  4. Righty Tighty

    what is up with ebay now?

    I haven't tried to list any items recently, but I did just purchase something, and most of my saved payment methods weren't there. Nothing else fishy.
  5. Righty Tighty

    What happened to the nova?

    I can't wait to pull up to a Duster at a light and yell over, "Nice Nova!!" And just when the owner is about to get all indignant, I smile and point at my Mopar hat. Not many Dusters around here, though.
  6. Righty Tighty

    I would get into riding again

    I now identify as a motorcycle.
  7. Righty Tighty

    You only live once, and Life is short, so when the urge strikes...

    I always enjoy it when you share that YouTube clip of your burnout. It's so wholesome....LOL
  8. Righty Tighty

    Well, I’m committed now!

    As someone who has never done body work, I've got to say the scariest part to me is going to be the very time I put the sanding block to the car. Because as you said, you're committed now. Do you have any pictures of the wrinkles?
  9. Righty Tighty

    Solicitor repellant

    I like that one! Might just give it a try since we seem to be having more and more folks wandering parking lots wanting you to fill out their "survey."
  10. Righty Tighty

    Solicitor repellant

    Naked? Yes. The “ready to go” part tends to need a little more notice these days.
  11. Righty Tighty

    He's lookin for a "Business Partner"......LOL!

    That's gonna end up in somebody's bedroom...
  12. Righty Tighty

    Thanks slantsixdan!

    Slantsixdan is definitely a top tier member. I don't think I've seen one post of his where he wasn't kicking down serious knowledge.
  13. Righty Tighty

    Solicitor repellant

    Now you're the type of neighbor I wouldn't mind having. I used to not answer the door, but something inside me can't resist confronting them. I think it has to do with how they ignore my sign, so I feel the need to make it crystal clear that they aren't welcome.
  14. Righty Tighty

    Solicitor repellant

    I'd love to have the presence of mind to remain calm and beat them at their own game like that, but it always feels like such an affront when they intrude into my space and time. Good lord, I need to lighten up.....LOL.
  15. Righty Tighty

    Happy Birthday to me...

    Happy Birthday! Another year on the right side of the grass.
  16. Righty Tighty

    What to use when drying off car after wash?

    I figured out how to open the file. Heck of a nice ride!!
  17. Righty Tighty

    Solicitor repellant

    You really know how to take it to the next level, love it!
  18. Righty Tighty

    What to use when drying off car after wash?

    Is there any way you can add a pic using the "attach photo" function?
  19. Righty Tighty

    Solicitor repellant

    My neighborhood has two entrances, both with signs stating "NO SOLICITORS." Of course that doesn't stop 'em, so I put up a sign on my door politely requesting privacy. They ignore it. After growing tired of being nice and then not so nice, I needed a better plan. So, I bought a bear horn...
  20. Righty Tighty

    Let’s see a picture of your car!!

    Here's Theresa. '68 with a slant, 903 column shift. She's no tire ripper and I doubt I will ever turn her into one -- I kinda like having a slow cruiser.
  21. Righty Tighty

    She is 2 today....

    Beautiful pup!!
  22. Righty Tighty

    inherited dodge dart swinger

    Welcome from Arizona! Love the color and good luck with the project.
  23. Righty Tighty

    Joining the Forum with a 1965 Dodge Coronet

    Welcome from Sahuarita! I agree on the pictures....let's see 'em!
  24. Righty Tighty

    Almost as entertaining as a boat ramp.

    Ha, say no more...
  25. Righty Tighty

    Almost as entertaining as a boat ramp.

    Some men you just can't reach.... :lol:
  26. Righty Tighty

    Almost as entertaining as a boat ramp.

    Even though I feel like I'm pretty good at backing a trailer, I still find great joy at watching others attempt (and fail) at backing trailers. It's kinda just one one of those things that if you know how tricky it can be, you've earned the right to judge others at their shortcomings.
  27. Righty Tighty

    Thinking of moving to Florida in the next year

    Kinda depends on where in AZ, regarding the heat. Phoenix and Yuma are pretty warm, Tucson as well. Pretty much anything north of Phoenix or southeast of Tucson you start seeing more temperate climates. I'm a big fan of Prescott and Flagstaff -- they still have that "small town" vibe.
  28. Righty Tighty

    [Found!] 69 and up small block 727 core

    I have one, but I’m down in Tucson. Could possibly meet in Casa Grande if you want.