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  1. hemidart67

    68 GTS hood lettering

    I can't help but one of the great members here must have a hood they can lay some paper on and poke the holes as a template and mail it to you to use. Maybe make a wanted add
  2. hemidart67

    Rear Deck Lid Spoiler for '67 Dart GT

    I have never been a fan or seen one I liked on a 67 dart but it's your car so do what makes you happy
  3. hemidart67

    [WANTED] 1970 Factory Disc Brake Bolts

    Those are getting harder and harder to find. I made over 200 reproduction ones but unfortunately don't have any more left. If you do find some be sure the chase the threads on the spindles so you don't bugger to the new ones
  4. hemidart67

    1969 Race Dart w/ 426 Hemi- garaged for 45+ years

    That is so cool to hear and I'm sure it will put a tear in her eye. Love seeing your progress on a beautiful car.
  5. hemidart67

    340 Power on the track

    Sweet pass and a great looking car.You should be proud and I bet that puts a smile on your face everytime she makes a pass
  6. hemidart67


    Try FORA30
  7. hemidart67

    [FOR SALE] 1967 dodge dart glove box door

    Up for sale is a glove box door with hinges of a 67 dodge dart.It is in real nice shape with no rust or pits just some scratches. The card is REAL nice and never written on. I am asking $45 Canadian plus shipping I am located in Brantford Ont Canada
  8. hemidart67

    Anyone know about this drag strip in the Carlisle area ?

    I remember going there 25+ years ago and remember the crazy turn in the shut down lanes. First time seeing the wheel standers at night and the spark flying off them when they were up
  9. hemidart67

    [WANTED] KH disc brake parts

    He is in B.C Canada
  10. hemidart67

    Surge tank factory srt radiator

    How much modification did it take to use the 09 challenger rad and what car is it in ?
  11. hemidart67

    Glove box pops open under mild acceleration

    I wouldn't know where to get a key.Not sure if you could take it to a locksmith and have one made. As far as your hinges do you have any pics to see if you are missing anything or a broken spring.The 2 sets of hinges I have I can't see them opening without alot of force but I could be wrong. Do...
  12. hemidart67

    Glove box pops open under mild acceleration

    I have a spare set of hinges for the 67 model year and a door that is not drilled for the trim.I also know where a door with the trim and has the locking handle but no key if that helps you out if you are still looking
  13. hemidart67

    [WANTED] Wanted front fender spear for 67 Valiant.

    Better remove your email address before a mod does it
  14. hemidart67

    Swinging for Divorce…

    Ah yes gotta love some nice wall art I knew about and have read the thread on your purple 69 I was just wondering if you were trying to put a 67 front end on this 69. Thanks for clarifying and keeping up the great work your cars look great.
  15. hemidart67

    Swinging for Divorce…

    Wait am I missing something? That's a 67 Dart grille and I thought you had a 69 grille in an earlier post . Are you putting 67 fenders on it?
  16. hemidart67

    [FOR SALE] 1994-2001 Dodge ram front marker lights

    I have these front markers lights that came off a 98 Ram that I am never going to use.They are real clean with no cracks or blemishes at all.They fit 94-01 model Rams.I am asking $20 for both of them plus the ride.I am located in Brantford On Canada