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    Blue pill or red pill = 675 or 920

    Best if you just ship them 920’s to me.
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    Anyone done a strong 400 build ?

    More like the 30 plus bears.
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    not sure what to think ??

    Bad as chevy cowl induction on a mopar.
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    not sure what to think ??

    They got the scoops and tail stripe right, but unfortunately the rest is all wrong.
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    Dart ragtop pretty nice body, top and interior. Engine compartment could use a refresh Spring is here! NOT MINE

    I prefer the 68 grill, but it looks odd with the rectangular side markers. I always thought the 68 grill and markers would go good with a rally dash.
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    Anyone looking for a fiberglass front end for a barracuda. Not mine

    Yeah, I saw that on the vfn website. List price was$1250.00.
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    Anyone looking for a fiberglass front end for a barracuda. Not mine

    Do they even make those anymore?
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    Looking at purchasing a "portable garage" (aka, tent) for temp storage. Any recommendations?

    I have a 10 x 10 shelter logic shed. Its seen 2 Wisconsin winters and showing some wear. Then again I lag screwed it to a 2 x 6 construction wood floor so its got a sturdy base. I bought this to throw some FAMILY CRAP that has been laying around the shop FOREVER. I could care LESS about this...
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    Nice 1970 Swinger for sale in Canada (not mine)

    Nice car, not so nice price.
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    318 with a new 4” crankshaft.

    I’d stay away from the eagle crankshaft. Get a hold of prostock tom on this site. He sells molnar assemblies, way better quality components than eagle. Stamped steel stock rockers are not going to hold up to that high a lift of cam.
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    360 vs 383

    Back in the day my 340 swinger had lower cost insurance than a 340 GTS all because of the model, GTS.
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    360 vs 383

    With the light weight of a big block with aluminum parts equaling the weight of a stock small block, the same light weight aluminum parts on a small block will weigh in/6 territory. So that argument is a non starter with me. It’s about hp per lbs of engine weight with running gear.
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    360 vs 383

    Profoundly deep subject. My thoughts on the matter, and I’m open to changing that. Not a big fan of the 360, it just doesn’t have the small block characteristics of the 340 or teener. The mighty memorable 340, save those for the restoration crowd. My small block choice is the plentiful teener...
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    Broadcast Sheets Found!

    You. Lucky. Dog.
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    [SOLD] NOS ashtray

    Darts 68 one year only as well.
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    Need mechanical work

    Take the car to a transmission shop for the leak. They usually have a guy familiar with older cars.
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    What's missing.

    You have to be more specific, year and model of car. Place a wanted add when someone chimes in on their part name and you will likely find someone that will sell you them.
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    Vin trouble

    Post pictures.
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    [WANTED] 1969 Dart tail light bezels

    Nice and a reasonable price.
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    What cam to use in a 318

    Call Mike jones cams or Oregon cam grinders and tell them your car specs.
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    A-body armrest - stripped threads in door’s sheet metal

    Can you get back there with a dolly and hit the hole with a body hammer flat shrinking the hole?
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    Your considered opinion on heads please

    My choice is the speedmasters.
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    More nonsense from NHRA Tech

    Sometimes it’s best to say nothing until someone else says something. If tech is on the fence with an issue, they might look the other way if they are having trouble filling the field with competitive cars. You know no one likes a boring show especially a track owner, promoter or vendors for...
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    More nonsense from NHRA Tech

    I got questions. Who said the manifold was stock dimensions and why would someone send a manifold to Wilson just to be bead blasted? Did Wilson manufacture the manifold?
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    MOPAR PLUS Replacement Dash Bezels

    While paint does not adhere well to chrome, mopar did the same thing and I have several dash bezels that have flaking issues, but those are 40-50 years old. More than likely the problem you had is from improper prepping the chrome before painting as in it wasn’t clean enough and therefore a...
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    Clutch advice

    I got an APE powerbrute(no longer in business)3800 lbs pressure plate and matching disk made also by Milwaukee Clutch. Its a workout on your leg, but when you get used to it, it’s smooth and it does not slip, AT ALL.
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    Clutch advice

    Have one in my 95 z28( I know, yuck right?). Sucks on the street. Custom made by Milwaukee clutch, in/out, grabs hard and harder the hotter it gets. You see short track cars running them, the way they jump from a standing stop/start. Hate to see my flywheel when I replace it.
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    Hurst Super Shifter parts.

    More than likely a hardened bolt, grade 5 or grade 8.
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    Hurst Super Shifter parts.

    I’d call shifter doc, maybe they can source parts, don’t expect it to be cheap.