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  1. moparlvr166

    A999 transmission slipping. Second time.

    Good to know, you answered 2 questions, what about the other 2?
  2. moparlvr166

    A999 transmission slipping. Second time.

    Question: when you had the pan off cleaning and inspecting was the pan clean or clutch material inside and did you drain the T/converter and inspect for any debris, is it the same T/C used in last trans? When you filled it up how many qtrs. of aft did it take? If all was ok above it sounds like...
  3. moparlvr166

    My 340 getting 6 mpg

    Double pumper, 4 gear, I see your having fun. Need more info if you want better mpg. You're smiling in the picture was that before or after you filled the tank with CA pricing.
  4. moparlvr166

    1970 dodge dart driver door wont open

    Try pushing the door into the body and hold in, lock and unlock door with key then the inside lock knob, then try to open, if still no go it's time to remove the door panel to get into assembly and try to get released with a hook wire. Question how long since the paint job, I see overspray on...
  5. moparlvr166

    Parts Cache

    Take your time, label your shelves, have an inventory sheet for what is on each shelf. have heavy items on lower shelves. I'm sure you will get plenty of ideas. Some items make you want to build a car for that part, It's part of the addiction, have fun.
  6. moparlvr166

    Jon wins E/SA in a Strange Final in Vegas

    John, like the old saying says, walk quietly and carry a Big Stick.
  7. moparlvr166

    Classic industries carpet install issues- not for purists

    Nice driver, yes take it slow to get some good ideas from above for correct install. Question: What brand of front seats do you have and are they comfortable with all adjustments?
  8. moparlvr166

    I think i broke rear main bearing

    See if you have enough cap left below the crack to tap some threads and install a stud, oil pump bolt torque is what 35? if not your sol.
  9. moparlvr166

    Headers vs. Manifolds

    Other option that most people won't do today is cut open the inner fenders and buy used fenderwell headers at a less expensive than HP manifolds price. Now if you build it to breathe then choke it you will be unhappy. It's all about the combination of parts to work together & don't forget about...
  10. moparlvr166

    Parts Cache

    Welcome to the Club of Cars, Parts & Future Projects addiction, your in good company.
  11. moparlvr166

    Parts Cache

    Do you have the storage space, if not what will it cost to get space? Do you want to sell parts and spend time away from family or have them join in? Looks like a great stash of parts. if you purchase all have him include all shelving units. I'm realistic-cheap, I look for deals at 25-30% of...
  12. moparlvr166

    Seat belt buzzer and light won't go off

    Many moons ago on my 74 Duster I just unplugged the wires under the seat for the sensors and that stopped my buzzer, then I took out the bulb for the light.
  13. moparlvr166

    Newest Acquisition

    BB A body looks like it was a fun ride, done the old fashion way.
  14. moparlvr166

    Friend is interested in a '73 Dart Sport 340

    Was the hood scoop and option or standard equipment for that model.
  15. moparlvr166

    WTH? Just NO

    I think duct tape will hold it till 150 mph, make sure you use the name brand. :realcrazy:
  16. moparlvr166

    Who owned this Dart?

    Looks like it's time to play.
  17. moparlvr166

    Looking at a 1965 Dart 270 Convertible - Questions

    Good looking car, take a close look at the clutch pedal, looks bent to the left, look for play and cracking, next, gas pedal is not from 65 looks like later 60-70s, bring a flashlight, and you want to get under it to inspect for rust, hope it's clean and works for you to enjoy.
  18. moparlvr166

    Nice little tow rig for someone

    I worked in the service dept for a GM Dealer when that model 1st came out, great truck, just the rear brake pads were smoked by 10,000 miles and expensive, I told my customers to replace them every 8k miles.
  19. moparlvr166

    Classic Auto Air update 3/28/2024

    Sometimes you just have to laugh it off or talk to yourself.:mad:
  20. moparlvr166

    8-3/4" axle length / housing questions

    My factory sbp axle is 25 5/8 from end of axle to bearing adjuster mounting plate to housing.
  21. moparlvr166

    Classic Auto Air update 3/28/2024

    Just Imagine when driving with the AC blowing cold on a Warm AZ. 118 deg day.
  22. moparlvr166

    8-3/4" axle length / housing questions

    Your forgetting about the space added to the large bolt pattern axle flange possibly.
  23. moparlvr166

    (Sorta) Super Six Build Just Getting Started

    Great info above, next I would recommend is HEI upgrade & get the kickdown hooked up asap.
  24. moparlvr166

    64 barracuda 273

    I hate to say it but why not just use the rest of the 318 engine or get a magnum 5.2. I too had a 273 for in my 1st Mopar, but sometimes it's time to move on, you won't regret it.
  25. moparlvr166

    Going Rounds in Stock at Winternationals

    I like your math that's why I live in CA. lol. Sometimes it's the smiles when doing what you like and sharing with family & friends that keep us wanting or what's next.
  26. moparlvr166

    [FOR SALE] 1970 2 Door /6 Dart For Parts

    If you would sell without the doors, I'm Interested in wind wing chrome frame with glass if in nice shape both sides, and do you know if 70 will fit 71? with shipping to 91786 Thanks Ed
  27. moparlvr166

    [SOLD] 64 Valiant Owners & warranty required service records books.

    Not OEM plastic cover, nice books even have some 1st year service records from 1st owner. leftovers from Moms used Valiant my brother had too much fun with.15.00 plus shipping from 91786 or can deliver to Spring Thing on 4/20, payment by check or Money order cleared before delivery.
  28. moparlvr166

    [SOLD] 5 Rallye wheels 14 X 5 1/2 SBP

    Previously I sandblasted, painted inside wheels black, inner area grey, outer Argent silver, center caps darker Argent, outer area needs clean & repaint. 250.00 obo, Also comes with a spare 5th wheel & center cap not painted. pick up only or can deliver to Spring Thing on 4/20, payment by Check...