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  1. fastnos

    What donor vehicle to get disc brakes setup from for 72 swinger.

    73-76 Duster, Dart, Swinger, Scamp, ECT. preferably with a factory V-8. That would be easiest to pull all the parts you need, brake booster, master cyl, porportioning valve, lines, and all the other stuff you know you need..
  2. fastnos

    Some FABO members just won't listen!!!!!

    You guys are too kind! Just trying to help out a brother Mopar fan. (Parts sitting for awhile, and I would never use for a long time.) Always try to help, just maybe not on the same timeframe as what some people expect... but, I do try. Thanks again guys!
  3. fastnos

    75 Duster: Six Pack or 4bbl?

    Love to see pics of 6 pack. Definately interested in it when/If you sell. Personally, I've owned 3 different setups. 1st one, I didn't know what I was doing and carbs had numerous problems I was too dumb to fix. 2nd and 3rd setup run like a "raped ape!" 3rd set was mechanical carbs and was so...
  4. fastnos

    [SOLD] Small Block Mopar Milodon Gear Drive

    Interested. Is it new, used, or? Reason for selling?
  5. fastnos

    [SOLD] Small Block Pushrods

    I'd like the "ball and cup" pushrods.. PayPal?
  6. fastnos

    [SOLD] Small block adjustable rockers

    Me, me, me! Pm sent. NOPE, YOUR INBOX IS FULL. I COULDNT SEND YOU A PM...? Also, any chance you have the lifters?
  7. fastnos

    [FOR SALE] Assorted lot

    Id like the 4 line, vacuum fitting..price with shipping to 47546
  8. fastnos

    [SOLD] Smallblock Oil Pump Drive and Bushing

    I'll take it! PayPal? Money Order? Or..?
  9. fastnos

    A better way? to keep RTV usable.

    Not sure if this works or not with RTV. But where I work, we use a lot of Urethane for windshields. If we have to touch up a spot the robots miss or someone puts their hand in it, we use a chaulk gun with it. When done, we use a rubber glove/fingure over the end. Squeeze the trigger to fill...
  10. fastnos

    [FOR SALE] mopar garage sale

    I'll take the timing cover and timing tab! PayPal, Money Order, or..? Price plus shipping? (Shipping to 47546 - Jasper Indiana)
  11. fastnos

    [SOLD] 5 Thermoquads 1000's 850 and 800's

    Willing to sell 1 of the competition Thermoquad/1000 by itself? Price (With shipping/mailing to 47546.) Keep me in mind if you do..
  12. fastnos

    Makes my spending money on race cars pale in comparison.

    Might have to bring it back online, depending on what happens with everything going on in this world...
  13. fastnos

    [WANTED] Timing tab, (pass side early cover)

    Looking for 1 or 2 timing tabs and possibly bolts. For timing cover, SB Mopar, around 67-70? It mounts on the passeger side of cover. Please include price for total cost for part and shipping to 47546- Jasper Indiana. Could pick up in person on weekends if within 3-4 hrs. Thanks.
  14. fastnos

    [FOR SALE] Milodon 340 oil pan for sale

    A body, B body? Pics of inside/ baffles. And maybe of pickup tube. Thanks!
  15. fastnos

    [SOLD] Parting several A bodies. Project cars also.

    Looking for a fold down back seat, All brackets, hinges, trim panels, and even bolts/screws. Possibly looking for factory crank open sun roof and all associated parts...
  16. fastnos

    [SOLD] Mancini A-Body spring relocation kit for offset spring kit

    Keep me in mind, if you cant find someone that wants to trad. Would be interested, depending on your price, plus shipping to 47546. Thanks.
  17. fastnos

    [FOR SALE] Duster, Demon, Dart Sport Black Interior Trim Parts

    Any chance you have some door panels? ( Would go on 71 Demon.)
  18. fastnos

    Remove Stripes from a Duster with Photoshop

    Yep, stripes, but no 360. Could even change the color of the stripes to your liking...just sayin.
  19. fastnos

    [SOLD] Hurst Competition Plus Shifter

    Hey there! From Jasper, Indiana. Do you have a part number on this shifter? Or know what it came from? Thanks!
  20. fastnos

    [WANTED] NOS Mr. Norm's Tri Power Air Cleaner/Filter $$$$$

    I did this with the Baldwin filter. Works great and is a better color then the K & N, in my opinion. Took out about 6" of filter to start, and then about an inch each time after that. Once it was correct size, I made sure to "fit" filter in housing, so the seam was in rear like towards...
  21. fastnos

    [WANTED] 4 weld center caps and shock plate

    Try looking n Amazon. They have different sizes, so make sure you know what ones you need. Also, you can buy a 4 pack of bare caps, and buy a 4 pack of weld stickers too. I just did a search on there and it brought up 7 pages of different options! Happy searching!
  22. fastnos

    [SOLD] 340 T/A

    Quick question. Push rods, timing cover come with engine? If so, pics of timing cover if possible? Thanks.
  23. fastnos

    1973 PLYMOUTH DUSTER 340 - $6,500 Not Mine

    Good looking car/color! "Had 1 just like it 25 years go! Lol Here's some various pics of it while I had it. 2nd to last picture is condition of it today. It's sitting next to a pole bard in mid Missouri. Tried to buy it from the guy who owns it now. Wont sell. Last offer was convertible Cavalier...
  24. fastnos

    Wife / Girlfriend rage

    Just be glad it was vandalized before it is completely done! Now, you gotta ask yourself, when will I finally say "enough is enough!"
  25. fastnos

    [SOLD] Mopar Performance black wrinkle valve covers SB.

    Update. Had to pass, on shipping from Canada. Please sell to next in line.. (I jumped too soon, and didn't read where it was from.)