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  1. 80fbody

    Clutch fan vs derale single 2400cfm fan

    I'd try the Derale if you have the room and a good alternator that can handle the load. Make sure to use a good relay. Can always fall back to the clutch fan if you have room. Derale & Spal are great fans typically.
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    Head gasket sizing

    Definitely don't want to try and get a gasket the same as the bore. If it overhangs the bore or chamber at all you'll end up with problems. A little bigger is typically better.
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    [FOR SALE] cams convertas and few more parts

    Yes unfortunately mine is a 6 bolt crank.
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    [FOR SALE] cams convertas and few more parts

    Interested in Billet Flywheel to break in my motor when it's done. Mailbox is full. My email !(no emails in public forums, in the rules. (Thank you) Thanks, Jay (Or phone numbers) Text Ok
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    Dana 60 vs 8 3/4 -Steve Magnante Hemi Dart

    Steve's a really cool guy and very, very knowledgeable with many makes. Not just mopars. Obviously this is like Facebook and we just rip apart every word or action someone does. Certainly not a stupid guy.
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    Electric water pump diy

    They made adapters for this on the big blocks. Not sure on the small blocks.
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    470 TrickFlow 240 Solid Flat Tappet Cam Dyno Results

    Thanks for the post RAMM. Trying to get my 470 built myself if I can ever get the block finished at the machine shop. They're killing me.
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    [FOR SALE] Stroker pistons

    I think 440 Source uses Ross to make their pistons.
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    [SOLD] 383/400 Weiand intake

    Does it have a part number on it?
  10. 80fbody

    What rear axle to purchase and narrow

    Quick Performance 9" or start with a housing/axle package from Speedway Motors. They have tons of widths for for around $799
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    LT1 T56 Transmission to LA 360 swap

    To the OP, I'd forget that t56 and save for the new TKX five speed. Gonna be alot less of a headache. I have a new magnum and wish this had been out at the time I grabbed mine. I'd have been all over it.
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    CRE Stud Gridle Installation Tip

    Very nice. Good tip. Appreciate it as I'll be installing my first "girdle" this winter.
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    Curious, did MSD's recommendations help?
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    Degreeing Cam by Measuring Overlap @ Lifters

    Buy a degree wheel and follow the instructions. It’s another tool in your toolbox. Buy a decent one and you’ll have it for many years.
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    [FOR SALE] 11.75 Pin Type Calliper Brackets

    Hmm, unfortunately I’m not sure which spindles are on mine. I’ll have to see if I can figure it out.
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    [FOR SALE] 11.75 Pin Type Calliper Brackets

    I take it this allows for larger front rotors on an A body? What spindles does it work with? I have disk brakes on the dart now but don't believe they're that big. Would be nice.
  17. 80fbody

    $476 to assemble an 8 3/4 diff

    This is exactly why no one wants to work on old stuff for money. Unless you figure you're time at $25/hr they think they're getting screwed but the same rear end work on a newer Ram would be couple grand with basically same shit (Bearings, Ring & Pinion, Axles, Seals, Etc)
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    Lowest cost 400 stroker

    Just get a 440 source kit and be done. You can offset grind a stock 440 crank but as you said, no one wants to screw around with that stuff anymore. Better to get a kit, have the shop mic it all up and test fit in block so you don't have any issues. Then assemble yourself.
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    Tool C-3968

    Would a simple $60 valve height micrometer work here? Good to have in toolbox.
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    Line Lock Light

    I used a small 1/8" or so red led on last street car. Simply drilled thru dash. This came on only while the unit was actually activated and I had a light up switch that was used for power to the relay. Basically, flip switch on (turned green) then I knew that there was power to the unit...
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    Put in gear, jack up rear and see if rear tires turn. they shouldn't of course.
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    Either the hydraulic bearing is engaged, trans didn't go into gear or driveshaft not installed.
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    [SOLD] 6-71

    Does it come with an intake?
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    That's pretty screwed up. Like NHRA's bullshit. Wonder what the big deal about '67 Mopars are? I'd love to build a '64.
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    Cooler intake manifold

    Phenolic Carb Spacers are great for helping reduce heat within the carb/fuel bowls.
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    Has anyone used a Ford Magnum T56 behind a LA engine?

    Unless it's all a screaming deal, I'd be looking at the TKX 5 speed. Smaller case and standard muncie bolt pattern I believe. Should be a much easier install if you're not dead set on that sixth gear.
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    [WANTED] SB Edelbrock Super Victor

    Check over at the "B Body" forum. GTX John was selling one I think.
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    T56 Trane mods

    Several varieties of Chevy ones. Early ones were pre-LS late 90's units and bolt to small block chevy. Then the next were LS ones then they revamped them to T6060. Vettes & Cadillacs use different units that won't work for most swaps. I would look at the new TKX 5 speed unit. Smaller and ol'...
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    Throw out bearing

    I like the roller pilot out of later model truck/vans along with a new centerforce, hays, Mcleod throwout bearing. The roller pilot sits in the larger crank register where the torque converter hub would sit.
  30. 80fbody

    A833 buying tips?

    The hardest part of the rebuild is usually the needle bearings. I learned that you just use a liberal amount of automatic assembly grease to push/hold them in place. Works great. Only thing you really can't do at home is "bush" the case for the countershaft. If it's not "wallowed" out I'd run...